Welcome to the Labyrinth
at Lakewood United Church of Christ
The Labyrinth
Labyrinths have a history of hundreds of years of use for Christian prayer and meditation. Labyrinths found on the floors of European cathedrals provided an alternative spiritual exercise for those who could not make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the Crusades. Today, labyrinths are found in many settings.
You may find a labyrinth on the front lawn between the parking area and 54th Avenue South, just west of the picnic bench. The design is based on a labyrinth found in France’s Chartres Cathedral, with ours using a 5 circuits rather than 11.
Walking a labyrinth may be helpful when:
• Facing a decision
• Processing grief and loss
• Connecting with God for direction, guidance, comfort, inspiration, hope.
Some use the walk as a time to pray. The design may encourage you to:
• Let go of your (emotional/spiritual) burdens on the way in.
• Sojourn with God in the center.
• Carry out a new perspective.
This temporary labyrinth is an experiment to test its usefulness, placement, and design. Based on feedback, we may try other designs or locations on the property and we may consider a more permanent installation in the future.
If you are unable to walk the labyrinth, you may use the design on the front of this card as a “finger” labyrinth to trace the path.
We hope you enjoy your experience. Please feel free to share your feedback.
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