Labyrinth picture gallery

A small group has been developing plans for an outdoor labyrinth at LUCC. Walking a labyrinth can provide spiritual opportunities, e.g., meditation, connection/reconnection with God, discernment, recovery from grief, celebration. There are trained facilitators in the congregation who would like to offer workshops in the future. To get started, the plan is to install a temporary labyrinth and evaluate its placement and usefulness. The labyrinth is expected to be available for several weeks (depending on weather conditions and its durability).

On Sundays Nov. 6 and Nov. 13 trained labyrinth facilitators from the congregation will be available to host walking the hay labyrinth. They will be available before church at 9:30 and after the service as well.

Below is a gallery of pictures from the construction and dedication of the current straw labyrinth.

Click on any picture for a larger image.


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