Celebrating Wonder: A Women’s Spirituality Event

The LUCC Women’s Spirituality Group invites you (and friends) to the first Fall meeting:
                                 “Celebrating Wonder”
                 Tuesday evening, Sept. 12th, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Please RSVP to Sue Sherwood if you plan on coming or bringing a friend.
Gathering location will be announced next week.
Spirituality is lived faith – discovering and honoring the holy in you and all around you.  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote that religion and awareness of the divine begins with wonder.
This fall we, too, are beginning with Wonder.  We will celebrate the wonders of life through music and sharing, song and silence.
We surely live in a time of Wonder – the recent solar eclipse, the rhythms of summer, personal and worldwide awakenings, and love through it all in the power of community.  Wonder opens our eyes to Spirit’s presence all around us and within us.
So come and share and play!  Yoko has her banjo and we have a guitar or two and a drum…if you have a musical instrument, bring it along!  And if you have had an “aha!” moment this summer, bring that, too!
Looking forward to seeing you all!

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