The Animal Plays, A Climate Change Theatre Action Staged Reading This Tuesday at 6pm

October 24
at 6pm in ES 100

The Animal Plays:
A Climate Change Theatre Action Staged Reading
Directed by Dr. Tonia Krueger

Henry Cowhey
Christina Rubinetti
Victoria Bamford
Sahra Carpenter
Amelia Kalagher
Kaley Whipple
Noela Lokolo
Megan Smiley
Shannon Tivona
Caroline Wood
Dr. Joanna Huxster
Dr. Miranda Goodman-Wilson
Dr. Amanda Hagood
Dr. Cynthia Totten


​CCTA 2017 is a collaboration between the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts, NoPassport Theatre Alliance, The Arctic Cycle, Theatre Without Borders, and York University.

Modeled on previous NoPassport theatre actions focused on gun control and the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, CCTA draws on the expertise and resources of local artists, while being global in scope and uniting multiple countries around a common issue.

Fifty playwrights from around the world were asked to write 1- to 5-minute plays about climate change with the following prompt:

Assume your audience knows as much as you do. Assume they are as concerned as you are. But they may not know what to do with this information and those concerns. So how can we turn the challenges of climate change into opportunities?

The plays featured in Eckerd’s reading all have an animal theme and reflect the theme of changing challenges into oppportunities.
Runtime is approximately one hour.

A series of short play readings on the topic of climate change


40 Countries, 50 States are participating in CCTA 2017. Come see Eckerd’s contribution!


Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) is a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented biennially in support of the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP meetings)


The Animal Plays Include

“Homo Sapiens” by Chantal Bilodeau

“Brackendale” by Elaine Ávila 

“The Penguins” by Elspeth Tilley

“Minor Flood, Major Constellation: Sirius and the Cartographer Map the New World” by Lisa Schlesinger

 “Pond Life” by Elyne Quin

“El Toro Sagrado at the Car Repair Shop” by Mindi Dickstein

“Appreciation” by Katie Pearl


Climate Change Theatre Action 2017 at Eckerd College

Environmental Studies Auditorium


Tues Oct 24 at 6pm


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