Love Your Neighbor, Some Concrete Ideas

Love of neighbor can be expressed in many ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give a neighbor a hug.
  • Offer to take care of a neighbor’s pets when they need help.
  • Keep your neighbor in your prayers.
  • Introduce your neighbor to other neighbors they don’t know.
  • Send your neighbor a card – birthday, religious holiday, “just thinking of you.”
  • Introduce yourself to someone new.
  • Visit, and talk with your neighbor, regularly.
  • Arrange a neighborhood Kid’s Day.
  • Invite a neighbor to dinner.
  • Volunteer to run errands for your neighbor.
  • Take a neighbor to church.
  • Learn from and actively listen to your neighbors who are culturally and ethnically different; or a different religion than yourself.
  • Start a neighborhood cleanup program.
  • Buy chalk and have a sidewalk chalk contest for neighborhood children.
  • Write a note of encouragement to a public school teacher.
  • Help a neighbor with transportation to the grocery store or doctor’s visits.
  • Volunteer at a local neighborhood school, park, or community center.
  • Check in on your neighbor regularly.
  • Reconcile with your neighbor.
  • Volunteer to serve a community meal at a local church or agency.
  • Show a neighbor how to use a computer to connect via social media.

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