Amaiya Awarded Take Stock in Children Scholarship!!

On April 10th at the Coliseum, Lakewood’s own Amaiya Washington was inducted into the Take Stock in Children scholarship program in a ceremony attended by the Mayor and the Superintendent for Pinellas county schools. She will be provided college tuition funds when the time comes, but this comprehensive program offers much more including mentors  and enrichment activities designed to prepare her to succeed in College. We’re all very proud of you Amaiya, keep up the good work!


6 thoughts on “Amaiya Awarded Take Stock in Children Scholarship!!

  1. Dear Amalia: Sometimes it is awkward to be honored because we are not sure what we are supposed to do about it. I had a Kiwanis award in high school and I felt unworthy. But it was all OK.
    Good for you. Be sure to mention it on job applications !! ! Love, Marg

  2. Amaiya,
    So proud of you and all you stand for.
    You are helping to make our world a better place. I am not surprised at all that you received this scholarship!!

  3. Hooray, Amaiya! We are all so proud of you – and thanks to the Kiwanis Club for supporting youth in our community❤️

  4. We are all proud of this young person who represents the best of the younger generation. What a role model for her friends and classmates!

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