Text of the anthem, “Fully Known”

There have been several requests for the text of the anthem the choir sang Sunday, “Fully Known.” Here it is…

Immortalized, sung, painted,
the Easter stories tell
when at the grave Christ met her,
until He said her name,
that Mary felt known fully
and recognized Him well.
For in the name there’s knowing.
whence people truly came.

He’s known for fully knowing
what others not remark,
or we ourselves have falsely
not credited our worth.
In Him is a true knowing,
in full not just in part,
the full sense of our being
His loving gives love birth.

In story after story
his love for us is shown:
as with no condemnation
the woman at the well
is giv’n the living water
e’vn though her past is known.
And as with us he knows this,
as living waters tell.

Zacchaeus is another.
So too the woman scorned.
As is the rich young ruler.
The thieves received goodwill
as Jesus fully knew them.
So too are we adored,
known fully and loved fully,
Christ Jesus loves us still.

© 2018 Kim P. Wells & Hilton Kean Jones

It’s sung to the old Irish tune, “Sally Gardens.” The words are based on this past Easter Sunrise Service sermon of Rev. Kim Wells. The text of that sermon can be read here: http://lakewooducc.org/2018/04/01/sermon-easter-sunrise-fully-known-fully-loved/.

As you will clearly see if your read her sermon, the poem I wrote for the anthem is based entirely on Kim’s premise and order of construction and contains so many fragments of her sentences, that the only honorable thing to do is to credit her as co-author of this poem, for without her thoughts and words the poem would not exit!



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