Advent 2015 Devotion Fifteen 12/13/15

I recently went by a neighborhood home to see some Christmas lights that I enjoy each year. For some reason, the lights were not on at that time. You could see some of the decorations in the yard thanks to the street light. The figures and animals were visible. Some of the other displays could be seen. It was charming in a subtle way. But when the lights are on, it is a vibrant, joyful, riot of color and brightness.

I think of peace being like this. Without peace, things go on, life continues. But often life is restricted. Lessened. Drab. But with peace, life can be vibrant and compelling. There can be rampant joy and creativity. Peace is what God intends for the world so that all people can fully enjoy and take delight in the gift of life.

Think of a time that you experienced a glimpse of the vibrancy of peace.

Prayer: We are so grateful for this wonderful world. The many people and cultures form a glorious tapestry when there is peace. Help us to bring life to its fuller possibilities by increasing the peace in the world. Amen.

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