Charley Groth @ Lakewood United Church of Christ Concert Series

Screenshot 2019-04-11 15.38.02Charley Groth is one of America and Florida’s well-recognized musicians. He is a lifetime professional musician/entertainer.

Charley lives on the central Gulf of Mexico coast of the Sunshine State. He has toured in the United States and around the world with his music. Charley has been named a Florida Master Artist by the Florida Department of State, and he is a member of the National Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame.

He has won multiple national championships at the National Country Music Festival as an instrumentalist and as a singer and he is an award-winning and often- recorded writer of songs and instrumentals. As a recording artist, Charley has made numerous CDs, tapes, and vinyl records of his own and has played and sung on the recordings of many other artists over the years.

Charley has been featured on national and international broadcasts on NPR (America’s National Public Radio); on New Zealand’s national radio and television and on many regional stations; on a wide variety of European radio and television broadcasts; and he is a veteran of many, many radio and television appearances in the USA.

He has performed for two American First Ladies, Rosalynn Carter and Lady Bird Johnson and he has opened for musicians like Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Ray Price, The Country Gentlemen, Terry Smith, Buster Cooper, and numerous others.

Charley is known for presenting a very wide range of music on many instruments, from guitar to piano to mandolin and more. He is at ease with many genres, from hot guitar flatpicking to folk classics to jazz standards, western swing, blues, real country music, and more. He is a smooth, thoroughly professional entertainer, with a lifetime of experience before audiences big and small.

This morning’s anthem

The words and music of this morning’s anthem were composed by Lakewood UCC’s music director, Hilton Kean Jones.

Here’s the text:

As the sheep wandered lost ‘midst the cold and the dark.
it did hear its shepherd’s voice and know that love was near.
Peace and closeness and safety as it felt the embrace
and was lifted and carried to a home free of fear.

And the coin once lost that is valued and prized
by the woman who sweeps her home,
has been found and shown to the neighbors in joy
as she holds her lamp up high.

And the child returned from a life of despair
now is fêted and welcomed home,
for the acts that matter are not our mistakes
but our taking the gift that’s giv’n,

that we not push away God’s love…
that we not push away God’s love.

Stillhouse Shakers at Lakewood UCC

Don’t like loud bars, busy festivals or crowded restaurants? Then join us at the Lakewood United Church of Christ, in St. Petersburg, FL, for a family friendly evening filled with the sounds of old time string band music by the Stillhouse Shakers, Friday, January 11, 2019 at 7 PM!

Please bring a suggested donation of $20 for the band.