Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

The composer of this famous old hymn is P. P. Bliss. Follow this link to know more about the hymn: https://hymnary.org/text/brightly_beams_our_fathers_mercy and this link to learn about the Bliss, himself: https://hymnary.org/person/Bliss_Philip. I remember, so clearly, as a small boy hearing my mother and father playing this in our front room (my father on piano, my mother on violin) as I fell asleep on the front room couch.

Come O Fount of Every Blessing, Jesus Savior Pilot Me, We Are Often Tossed and Driven

We’ve been doing in-person services for several Sundays following CDC guidelines. Among those restrictions, we don’t sing hymns or have choral music because those are such high risk behaviors during the pandemic. I did an instrumental version of a hymn this past Sunday and I noticed there was a soft, eerie, ghostly echo of the melody. The congregation with every so quietly, subvocally, humming the tune. Hopefully, that’s not a risky behavior, or at least it’s an acceptable risk behavior. It does give the people a chance to express themselves. I hope it’s safe. It was certainly touching.

Now that the primary musical vehicle for my work at Lakewood is no longer online, I”m trying to tidy up a list of everything I’ve posted online during the pandemic. I plan to repeat some of my own favorites, maybe one a week. Here’s one I really like a lot!