Fire of Justice, Fire of Love (organ & solo trumpet, congregation & chorus)

(note: title screen is silent, music starts with score)

Fire of Justice, Fire of Love
for unison congregation and chorus,
organ, and solo trumpet

words & music by
Hilton Kean Jones

In honor of Blessed Mother Marie-Rose Durocher, Foundress of
The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie)
Commissioned by the Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa, Florida October 6, 2018

The Dream of Love That’s Come

Our move is finally over and I’ve got my office (and my mind) more or less tidy enough to start back to work. The first project was to finish this anthem/song/whatever…

You can download the score at this link:

And you can listen to it here:

I’d love to get a grant that would pay the musicians, conductor, and studio to make a recording of the couple dozen anthems (hymns) I’ve written, but I really don’t know where to even apply for such a thing. My stuff’s too commercial and, doubly damned, it’s religious. Not promising for grants.

Until such a utopian future, I’ll have to satisfy myself with computerized orchestral demos, like this one. The score gives the words, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Mother’s Day Hymn

This coming Sunday as part of Lakewood’s Mother’s Day celebration, we’re going to sing a new hymn by Hilton called “Just As a Nursing Mother.” The words and music are by Hilton and they were inspired by a sermon of Rev. Kim’s (posted 10/23/2020 —

Because it’s a hymn the congregation has never heard or sung, here’s a video recording of to listen to in order to familiarize yourself with it:

Here’s the bulletin insert of the music and words for the same familiarization purpose.

Happy listening and learning and Happy Mother’s Day (anticipated)!