Thorny Desert

If you’ve ever spent time in the desert, you’ll know that despite the thorns there are times–especially in the moonlight when you stand there alone, very still, listening–the dew sparkles and glistens and there’s a refreshing, peaceful, soul warming breeze.


The title of the tune, Pisgah,” from the tune from Southern Harmony, derives from the Hebrew word for summit and was the biblical mountain from which Moses first saw the promised land. It’s also the name for a mountain in North Carolina! For the complete story of how this part of American came to have a name from the ancient book of Deuteronomy see

The Lone Pilgrim

This repository of tunes from almost 200 years ago is so rich, so contemporary in its emotion, exploring each tune is an experience outside time itself. I’d never heard of this particular tune, The Lone Pilgrim. If it’s not in some hymnal, it’s a shame. Love this song. Love it…