#173 NCH Pescador

I’m re-recording some of the hymns I recorded and posted earlier in the pandemic, but as video, not just audio files. It seems that videos I’ve posted of music get way more clicks than pure audio posts. So…that’s okay. I don’t mind putting on a nice shirt and combing my hair if it makes it easier for folks to listen to the music.

If you have hymn requests, please email them via the church website (https://lakewooducc.org/contact/). Can’t promise I’ll do them all, but will definitely try to cover as many as I can.

This is #173 in the New Century Hymnal if you’ve checked out a hymnal during the pandemic and wish to sing along. Just humming along is okay, too.

My Life Flows on in Endless Song (How Can I Keep from Singing)

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 6.45.48 AM
This will appear in the next couple weeks as part of a Corona Sabbath post, but it’s posted here, by itself, for your weekend pleasure. This is a virtual performance–each choir member, at home, alone, records their part against a background track which is then assembled later. It’s their second foray into this artform. With each piece they get better and better. There will be more. Stay tuned!

The pictures of the choir and congregation are from church services and caroling parties and concerts over recent years.

NCH #397 Thanks Our God for Sisters, Brothers


12 y.o. piano player 6’1″ me standing in line at the archetypal church potluck supper

This whole online church presence thing is constantly evolving. One of the things that only now is finally falling into place is when to post some hymns for folks to sing at home. I’d done some before, but it was early in the pandemic and I recorded them more to have something to do at 3 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep because of worry. Now, however, it seems that what I did then is what to do now: have a hymn or two mid-week as sort of a mid-week touching base.

So, this is the first hymn posted purposely mid-week for you to enjoy and sing along to if you wish. NCH stands for New Century Hymnal. If you don’t happen to have one, often you can find the words at hymnary.org, perhaps under a slightly different title. You can also look there for all the hymn texts that fit that hymn tune. The hymn tune name for this hymn is PLEADING SAVIOR (melody from The Christian Lyre, 1831).

1831 definitely qualifies this tune as “old timey!” Even though I’m a conservatory trained composer/organist and a retired music professor, my roots are in deep, deep Southern Illinois…Snuffy Smith country, down where Illinois meets Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri. In fact, if you’re up on Lookout Mountain, you can see all four states.

My father was a Methodist minister and I was pressed into playing for Wednesday night prayer meeting and Sunday night services. Those must have been very patient parishioners because I was doing this long before I really was able to do it proficiently. But…before long I was good enough to do the big camp meeting at summer church camps under the giant circus tent. I learned how to jerk all the right emotions for altar calls and whoop’em up happy-dance hymns.

I guess I’ve never lost the fondness for those kind of hymns even though I adore a good Bach chorale. This hymn is definitely old-timey. Just play the video below and sing along…

Filled with the Spirit’s Power

Pentecos4This is an absolutely gorgeous hymn. One of those things one wishes one could have written oneself. It’s beautiful. If you congregation doesn’t know it, badger your music director and pastor to program it. It deserves to become a classic. I’ve presented it here, exactly as written, with just the sounds of a string orchestra. It speaks for itself. It’s the third in a series of hymns presented as part of our Pentecost celebration.

The hymn tune name is SHELDONIAN, by Cyril V. Taylor, and the words and music are with Hope Publishing Company. It’s #266 in the New Century Hymnal. You can read about it at https://hymnary.org/text/filled_with_the_spirits_power_with_one.

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Come, O Spirit, with Your Sound

Pentecost2This is the second in a series of Pentecost hymn-tune posts. In the New Century Hymnal, it’s #265. The hymn tune is BOUNDLESS MERCY from the Union Harmony, 1837. The harmonization is by Hilton Rufty (1934), but the flute obbligato in the 2nd verse is mine. Copyright restrictions don’t permit a text to sing from, but if you have a NCH there’s a four-bar organ intro; then, start singing with the flute entrance. The author of the text is John A. Dalles.

You’re probably heard of the Southern Harmony, source of many famous hymns tunes such as Amazing Grace. The Union Harmony is equally interesting.

A reminder that all the music I’ve put together for Lakewood UCC since we began the covid-19 lockdown is available as a free streaming playlist at https://soundcloud.com/hilton-kean-jones/sets/music-at-lakewood.