Mother’s Day Hymn

This coming Sunday as part of Lakewood’s Mother’s Day celebration, we’re going to sing a new hymn by Hilton called “Just As a Nursing Mother.” The words and music are by Hilton and they were inspired by a sermon of Rev. Kim’s (posted 10/23/2020 —

Because it’s a hymn the congregation has never heard or sung, here’s a video recording of to listen to in order to familiarize yourself with it:

Here’s the bulletin insert of the music and words for the same familiarization purpose.

Happy listening and learning and Happy Mother’s Day (anticipated)!

Mov 5 The Geography of Dreams: “Amidst The City’s Desolation The Anima Appears As A Woman Clothed In Radiant White”

A word of explanation about the title, The Geography of Dreams. Some folks have recurring dreams. I don’t, but all of my numinous dreams take place in the same geographical location. It’s a city on a peninsula beside a sea, similar to San Francisco or St. Petersburg where I now live; however, it’s definitely in Europe — feels as if it might be Spain — and in a far different time…whether in the distant past or distant future, perhaps another dimension, I can’t tell.

The different movements of The Geography of Dreams are programmatic pieces based on actual numinous dreams I had that take place in the city by the sea.

So, while I’m dealing with this insomnia, I’m creating score videos of the different movements. Not doing them in order of performance, but rather just as the spirit moves me.