June / July issue of Celebrate Florida

Page 15 of https://www.uccfla.org/files/docs/CFStandard060119.pdf includes this article and picture featuring LUCC by Claire Styles: article


New year greetings, Florida UCC:

Here are the links to the June/July issue of Celebrate Florida. You will find two versions of this document; one is the standard PDF, and the other is the interactive version, which requires that your computer has a Flash player.

Standard version | Interactive version

Please set aside some time to read about what has been taking place or will be happening among the brothers and sisters in our larger church family. We are in covenant with one another, and one way to demonstrate our caring is through this sharing.

As always, this issue is full of great ideas and stories to inspire ministries in your congregation. Here’s some of what is inside this edition:

  • How our churches observed Holy Week
  • Lots of 3 Great Loves activity
  • Protesting migrant children detention in Homestead
  • Preparing for General Synod in Milwaukee
  • Unique ministries, creative concepts, original outreach
  • So, what does a Regional Minister do?
  • Earth Day observances and activities
  • It’s the “H” word time again — be prepared (prayers included!)

Thanks to all those churches that share information about what has been happening in their congregations. Please make sure we’re on the mailing list for your newsletter and e-blasts and copy us with your Facebook postings (celebrateflorida@uccfla.org). Yes, we do want to know what you are doing — there is always room for more good news

We especially appreciate your providing the Celebrate Florida link information to church members via your Sunday bulletin, newsletters, e-communications and on your website. Please help spread all the good news about the United Church of Christ in Florida among your church members.

Have a SAFE summer!

Rick Carson



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UCC Pastoral Letter on Racism

For those who are interested in being part of the Sacred Conversations on Race, a 5 week series beginning Tuesday Sept. 22, 2015, from 7;8:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, the following article will inform some of the discussion at the first session.  To see the full article, simply click on the link below.  Please read it before coming to the first session.  Many thanks!  Kim Wells and Claire Stiles


Viewing of “Chasing Ice”

“Chasing Ice” is a documentary film about the Extreme Ice Project (EIP) which uses time lapse cameras on five continents to film the retreat of major glaciers in response to global warming. The EIP was conceived and created by a National Geographic photographer who became intrigued by taking pictures of ice and over time began to see what was happening world wide to glaciers and polar ice caps.

The film is beautiful visually and compelling in its message.

You are invited to view the film at the Helm’s (2900 68th Ave. S., St. Petersburg) on Wednesday Nov. 13. Gather at 6 for a potluck snack supper and “Chasing Ice.”

Bible Study Notes – Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Bible study this past week [Tuesday May 21] focussed on the beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” [Matthew 5:9]

The discussion began with identifying those considered peacemakers. Here’s the list that was generated:
Abraham Lincoln, because he was not bent on revenge
Alexander the Great
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mohandas Gandhi
Lyndon Johnson
Anwar Sadat
Mother Teresa
Rosa Parks
The Dalai Lama
St. Francis of Assisi
Frederick Douglass
Jesus [mentioned almost as an afterthought!]

How do we define peace?
It includes respect, acceptance, love, equality, making a positive difference in the lives of many, lack of violence and vengeance.

There are different facets of peace – economic, political, personal/spiritual/psychological, as well as social dimensions to peace. It was agreed that greed is a major factor contributing to violence and undermining peace.

How was Jesus a peacemaker? He cared about everyone. He loved everyone. He ate with tax collectors, the poor, women, etc. He did not discriminate. He decried greed.

Next week: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”