One week choir postponement

Dear choir, I’m a bit better and I think I’ll be able to play service in person Sunday. But, I won’t have the energy to do a rehearsal as well. So, I’d like to postpone the first rehearsal of the choir from September 11th, to September 18th.

Remember, some of us won’t be able to start rehearsals on the 18th. That’s okay. That’s normal. It’s life. But, I want to keep you in the loop for when you finally get to start.

I’m copying this email to a post on the website in case you don’t get a chance to read your email regularly.

To recap: first rehearsal of the choir postponed from September 11th, to September 18th.


St. Columba (revised, free score)

Wouldn’t ya know it: someone just now bought my previous version of my arrangement. Whoever you are, thank you! But, I hope you see this post so you can download this revision. I really do think it’s better and more playable.

If you have a student who you think would enjoy playing this piece it can be purchased from my composer page at either SheetMusicPlus or SheetMusicDirect. (Those probably won’t have be listed until sometime next week…it always takes them a few days to review.) The audio can be streamed for free at