1997 Photos when Lakewood received Just Peace award.

This Sunday, Lakewood hosts guests Charles and Carol McCullough as they lead morning worship. Charles is a UCC pastor and artist (sculpturebymccollough.com). He designed the medallion on the Just Peace Award that Lakewood received in 1997 from the national United Church of Christ.

Below are three photos from when Lakewood received this award! If anyone can help identify the people in the photos (left to right, back row, front row) this post will be updated and reposted with that information.
Click on any picture for a closeup.

Photos taken in Columbus, Ohio at the Just Peace Award presentation ceremony in 1997.

Photo #1. Closeup of award.

Photo #2. Holding award: Beth Causey, Associate Pastor at the time.
Back row: Wells family; Jeff Wells.
Middle row: Kristin Andes with son Joseph; Angela Wells; Kim Wells; Gertrude Pirazzini holding grandson Malcolm; Frank Pirazzini; Beth Frey; Vivian Parsons.

Photo #3. In Front: Kristin Andes holding Joseph. Second Row: Vivian Parsons; Virginia Bodendorfer; JoAnn Taylor; UCC Representative; Angela Wells; UCC Representative; Beth Causey; Debbie Rice.
Back Row: Bill Parsons; Gaylord Taylor; Kim Wells holding Malcolm; Beth Frey; Bob Frey; Florida Conference Representative; Jeff Wells.

Special thanks to Bill Parsons for photos and names!

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