Greetings from Barry and Ruth

Dear all at Lakewood UCC,

Ruth and I have landed in New York City and, as predicted, we are no living in a closet in Harlem. Actually, it is comfortable, if small, and we are looking to IKEA to solve our spacial challenges.

Ruth has secured several private students in addition to her assignments at Turtle Bay Music School and the Brooklyn Conservatory. I am living off of Ruth but making myself useful hanging pictures, rewiring the kitchen and cleaning windows. I am about out of windows, though, so my grace period may be about up.

Here are some photos that I took last Sunday. The Climate March was quite inspiring not just for the size of the throng but for its diversity. There were many children, college students, and seniors from dozens of states and many countries. The most moving moment was the two minutes of silence that was followed but a huge roar that moved like a train through the crowd from Columbus Circle up through 96th street.

Ruth and I want to send a big thank you to the church for our send-off and the kind words and support of the congregation that we received. We will miss St. Petersburg and Lakewood but you are in our thoughts and prayers always.


Barry and Ruth

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