Advent 2014 – Devotion 25

The choir recently sang a spirited anthem entitled “Come Flood This Heart of Mine.” It is a wonderful prayer for God’s love to fill our hearts and our lives. The piece is rather fast and many things going on in the music. You feel the flood of sound and energy when you hear it.

This Advent season, we have been preparing ourselves to receive God’s gift of love to the world in Jesus. We have reflected on the importance of Jesus for our lives and the life of the world. In this season, we get ready to be flooded with God’s love.

But maybe we don’t feel the rush of love and the wash of joy. There may be circumstances in our lives and in the world that make it difficult for us to open ourselves to be flooded with God’s love. Perhaps stresses and cares leave us feeling isolated. Our hearts may shrink with heaviness and grief. But love does not need a huge opening. It does not need a gateway. It does not even need an invitation. Divine love sneaks in, and seeps in, even where there may be no apparent opening.

As Dr. Seuss reminded us, we can’t stop Christmas from coming. Maybe it will be flood, maybe only a trickle or a drip, but divine love will make its way into our lives and into our world, with or without our help. Tidings of comfort and joy!

For reflection: Think of a time you have witnessed a flood of divine love.

Prayer: Christmas is almost here. Are we ready? Will we ever be ready? Can we be ready? To accept the outpouring of love that is given to the world in Jesus? While we may or may not be ready, God does not depend on our readiness. Love comes! May we take joy in that promise whatever our circumstances. Amen.

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