Devotion 16 – Lent 2015

I had to face an unpleasant task this week. I had to find the receipt for something that I bought in 2013. Yes, almost 2 years ago. What a hassle! First, there was finding the receipts. That turned out to be surprisingly easy. Then there was finding the one. The stack of receipts was over 8 inches high. And I needed one receipt. There is only one way to look. One by one. Tedious. Boring. Annoying. One by one by one.

As I was looking through the receipts, I started to notice what they were for. It was the year of our daughter’s wedding. There was the receipt for the wedding dress. And there were many receipts from the grocery store. And receipts for clothes. And receipts for home maintenance and repair supplies. And as I looked for the one, I was filled with a feeling of gratitude for all that we could buy. For the abundance. For the amazing wealth that we have. I am a pastor and my husband is a teacher. We are hardly highly paid by US standards. Yet going through those receipts, I felt rich. Richer than I have any right to be. And the gratitude just swelled within me.

I hope that in the course of your Lenten days, you find reason to be awash in gratitude.

Lectionary readings for today:

Psalm 19
Exodus 19:1-9a
1 Peter 2:4-10

Prayer: Regardless of the events of the day and the wider circumstances of our times, may we always look for reasons to be grateful. Amen.

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