Devotion 18 – Lent 2015

One of the things that makes humans unique is our ability to speak. We have complex language and communication abilities. Animals communicate with varying sounds and movements. Plants send signals to each other. But humans have the most involved methods of communication – with sounds, speech, writing, and body language among our communication techniques.

In Psalm 19, we read of the heavens telling the glory of God. The firmament proclaims the Creator’s works. Day pours for the speech. Night declares knowledge. Words are not used and yet their message goes out to all the earth. These references are all to the created environment. They do not even refer to other living things like animals and plants. The material essence of the creation itself tells of God.

The skies, the land, and the rhythm of day and night convey volumes. About God. With no words or sentences or letters or writing or speech. Yet there is a message and it is faithfully communicated.

This imaginative poetic idea invites us to think about what we communicate. What do our lives say? What message do we and our species convey? What can be learned from us about the Creator?

Lent is a time to consider our essence. What is essential. We do lots of communicating and send lots of messages in varying ways and formats. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Email. Etc. Yet this is a season to ask ourselves, “What message do our lives convey of the Divine?”

Lectionary readings for today:

Psalm 19
Exodus 19:16-25
Mark 9:2-8

Prayer: May our lives proclaim love: Love for all of Creation, love for all forms of life, love for one another, and love for God. Amen.

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