Devotion 22 – Lent 2015

Where does God live? In ancient times, people thought about God’s presence being with the ark of the covenant. Where the ark was, God was. God was thought to dwell in the Tabernacle. God was associated with the Temple. Then we have that image from Paul that the body is a Temple. With this image, there is the idea that God lives in us not in a building or in a certain land or with a certain object. People are the dwelling place of God. God is also associated with all of Creation. We can think of God as living everywhere, in all of Creation, and all creatures. This means that the whole world is sacred. Holy. Every bird and beast. Every river and field. Every fish and tree.

And holiness does not stop with the world, but it extends to our species. All of our species. God dwells in human beings. You. Me. The person we are jealous of. The person who annoys us. The person we name as enemy. The person we want nothing to do with. The person we vehemently disagree with. The person who doesn’t vote the way we do. Every person. Is of God.

The psalmist tells us:

How lovely is your dwelling place,
O God of hosts!

When we think of God dwelling in each person, then we can see that each person is lovely. A precious, holy, sacred being.

The psalmist continues:

My soul longs, indeed it faints
for the courts of God. . .

We innately long to be the dwelling place for God and to have God live within us. We hunger for a connection to the sacred.

My heart and my flesh sing for joy
to the living God.

When we recognize God within ourselves, within others, and in the world, there is joy!

Lectionary readings for today:
Psalm 84
Ezra 6:1-16
Mark 11:15-19

Prayer: May we dwell in God and God in us. Amen.

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