Devotion 32 – Lent 2015

There is a plan being tested to pull smog from the air using static electricity and then turn the sooty powder into high end jewelry. And the ring that glows when you get an email from the boss or a text from an Uber driver.

There have been so many amazing advances in human knowledge and technology. It is incredible what humans have accomplished. The advances in medicine are astounding; the operations that can be done, the medicines and treatments that have been developed. The probes and exploration vehicles out in space are incredible. The technological devices that we have today are like something out of a science fiction novel. Our phones are smart. Our cars are smart. What we have learned about nature, animals and the Earth is beyond belief. The make up of land and air and sea. It is all spectacular. Humans really have stupendous capabilities.

Some people pray to God to take care of them. To fix their problems. To make things better for them. They want God to intervene and magically respond to their needs. When this doesn’t happen, they question the faithfulness and integrity of God. Or they question the strength of their faith.

In a way, expecting God to intervene or fix things for us can be seen as a denial of our capabilities. A lack of appreciation for the abilities we have been given. It can be absolving ourselves of responsibility and putting it on God. It can be a way of letting ourselves off the hook. We should expect ourselves to do all that we are capable of in the order of creation. We have been given the capacity to take care of many things ourselves. To expect God to do them is to be lazy; to let ourselves off the hook. And it does not show full appreciation for the abilities and responsibilities that we have been endowed with.

Praying about having the will and summoning the strength to do what we know we need to do, praying to do what is right and good, is an affirmation of the capabilities we have been given. It is taking responsibility for what we can do. It is not expecting an interventionist God but a God that expects us to live up to our amazing capabilities.

Lectionary readings for today:

Psalm 51: 1-12
Habakkuk 3:2-13
John 12:1-11

Prayer: May our deepest love and our noblest aims guide us on life’s journey. Amen.

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