Advent 2015 – Devotion One 11/29/15

In the beginning, God –

Our holy writings begin with stories that give an account of the creation of the cosmos. We are told of water brooded over by wind. From this roiling darkness emerges day and night, in a repeating pattern. Land and sea, skies and rain, sun and stars emerge. And, finally LIFE! Swarming, swimming, flying, walking, creeping, multiplying. A profusion of diversity, adapting and interacting, pulsing with pattens and cycles.

From the beginning, creation is dynamic and vibrant. It is an expression of passion and energy. Creation is not static, still, and unchanging. It is throbbing. Like our bodies which have thousands of ongoing biological processes taking place simultaneously with little conscious input from us, so creation is like a huge, dynamic organism with untold processes taking place.

As we think about wonder-full peace this Advent season, we remember that peace is a dynamic, passionate, energetic convergence of processes and people. Peace is not when everything stops. Stands still. Dead. It is when everything is alive in a dynamic, vibrant living, flourishing whole.

Take a moment to think about when you have witnessed the dynamism of peace.

Prayer: May I remember that since the beginning, creation is a vast, wild, living expression of Divine peace. This day, may I notice signs of the thriving cosmos that point to dynamic peace. May our souls magnify God for God has done great things! Amen.

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