Advent 2015 – Devotion Nine 12/7/15

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to hear Handel’s “Messiah” performed by the Florida Orchestra, the Master Chorale Ensemble, the University of South Florida Chamber Singers, and four guest soloists. There were 36 musicians, 75 singers, and the conductor on stage.   All of them were working together as a seamless whole. The performance was stunning. Several times I had to wipe the tears from my eyes just from the sheer beauty of it.

For the audience to be given such a masterful performance to enjoy, each one of the players, singers, and soloists as well as the conductor, had to perform in a superior way. Each one involved in the concert had to offer his/her best performance for the collective result to be so extraordinary. If one of the soloists had been weak, it would have detracted from the efforts of the others. If some of the singers in the chorus had not been crisp, it would have diminished the result from the whole group. The stunning event required everyone involved giving their all.

As we think about peace this Advent season, there is a lesson in this concert. Peace takes all of us working together. We all have a part to play in creating peace in the world. There are different ways that each of us can contribute to peace. And we are all needed to play our role and do our part. It is important that we do our utmost and give our best to the goal of peace. Then the result will be stunning!

Think of a time when you worked with others to accomplish something significant. How do you feel that you can contribute to the effort to create peace in the world?

Prayer: We are social creatures meant to live and work in community. We need each other to thrive. May we each do our part to help others and to take care of ourselves. May we all work together to create peace. Amen.

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