Advent 2015 Devotion Twenty-Two 12/20/15

In the Christmas story, we are told of the angel Gabriel making a trip to see Zechariah and Mary. We are told of Mary going to visit Elizabeth, and later going to Bethlehem with Joseph. We are told of the angels going to visit the shepherds. We are told of the shepherds going to Bethlehem. There is the tradition of the magi, the wise men, traveling for months if not years to visit Jesus. We are told of Mary and Joseph taking the infant Jesus to Egypt. There is lots of travel and movement in these stories. They are making trips. They are going from one place to another.

And that is really what Christmas asks of us. That is what the gospel asks of us. That is what peace asks of us. We are being urge to move, to make a journey, from one mind set to another. From one lifestyle to another. From one perspective to another.

The New Testament talks about faith as becoming a new person altogether. A new creation. Gaining a new identity. It can be hard to leave the familiar behind. Even if it’s not everything we had hoped for. Christmas invites us to make our way to a new place. A place of peace and good will. A place of hope and joy.

Can you think of a time when a trip of some kind has influenced your thinking in new ways?

Prayer: May we not be afraid to leave the comfort of the familiar to follow the path of peace to new destinations. The horizon beckons. The way may be long. We are grateful for our companions on the journey. Amen.

1 thought on “Advent 2015 Devotion Twenty-Two 12/20/15

  1. Never saw or felt this movement so compellingly in the Christmas narrative until you drew the picture here. Thank you! As someone with a history of travel at seminal moments in my own life, I love this. In today’s divisive political climate, it helps me to see that we, too, as a people, are being asked to confront our fears (not play on them), learn from each other, and move forward beyond the turmoil to a compassionate place of deeper understanding.


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