Advent 2015 Devotion Twenty-Five 12/23/15

Yes, I know that you are probably frantically shopping, cooking, wrapping, or packing. But hopefully you can still work in a moment to step back from it all and look for some meaning.

Many religions have traditions about interactions between humans and divine beings or God/gods. There are other stories of divine births and humans that are considered gods, or sons of gods.

While we are busily preparing to celebrate Christmas, we remember that this is a birth of a child in whom we see God’s spirit. But Jesus did not just claim a special identity for himself. He called others to follow him and live as he did. He invited others into deeper relationship with God and with each other. We are told that he expects his followers to do greater things than he has done. He gives his friends his peace. Jesus is a complete integration of humanity and divinity and he expects the same of his followers. He doesn’t’ hold anything back. He reserves no special status for himself relative to them. He does not promote any separation between himself and his followers. From Jesus we learn that God is within him and God is within us.

Christmas is a time to remember that all births are holy. Every person is sacred. Each life divine. Jesus brings together heaven and earth, humanity and divinity, individuals and community. That unity is the foundation for wonder-FULL peace!

Think of a time when you felt God within you. And a time you have seen God in someone else.

Prayer: May we seek the holy child of Bethlehem in ourselves and in others. Amen.

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