Report on congregational meeting

Notes from the Congregational Meeting 1/29/17
Lakewood United Church of Christ

Those in attendance: Yoko Nogami, Colleen Coughenour, Mark Gibson, Chip Cosper, Dana Cosper, Jackson Cosper, Lucille Ruga, Mardie Chapman, Sally Purvis, Adrien Helm, Fran Whitney, Genie Terrell, Wally LeBlanc, JoAnne Reid, Wilbur Reid, Martha Lamar, Earl Waters, Don Ritchie, Claire Stiles, Ruth Halderman, Jean Johnson, Mary Beth Lewis, Charlie Lewis, Victoria Long, Preston Poe, Kim Wells.

Bill Lindsay called the meeting to order at noon.

Sally Purvis offered an inspiring opening prayer.

Charlie Lewis introduced the new advisors for 2017: Yoko Nogami, Sally Purvis, Bill Lindsay, Victoria Long who are joining Charlie as advisors for the year.

Victoria Long offered a beautiful expression of gratitude to those who served as advisors for 2016 (Dana Cosper, Claire Stiles, and Jim Andrews) incorporating the thoughtful writings of Ann Weems.

Adrien Helm presented the proposed budget for 2017. She also explained the designated giving report and the balances report. There was a time for questions and comments.

Charlie Lewis called for a voice vote on the budget (a motion was not needed or a second, since it comes from the governing body). The budget was passed unanimously.

Claire Stiles presented an update on the Creation Justice process. This involves a study process that culminates in voting to become a Creation Justice Church. Those involved include Adrien Helm, Ed Helm, Denise Williams, Wally LeBlanc, Patti Cooksey, Earl Waters, Charlie Lewis, Marg Radens, and Ann Quinn.

Yoko Nogami asked those who were present who would like to to offer comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. for the good of the church.

There was discussion about reflecting the racial diversity of the neighborhood in the church.

There was conversation about the upcoming eBay/Craig’s List fundraiser. There was talk about combining selling things on Craig’s List with a breakfast. There was interest in selling books on Amazon to benefit the church. An event that combines singing, letter-writing, and hot chocolate was suggested.

Wally LeBlanc reported that Art for Hope had contributed $387 to the LUCC roof fund, the Micah Center, a gift card for a homeless neighbor, and the Lakewood Methodist Church counseling center.

Yoko Nogami led the group in forming a circle and singing “Weave Us Together” which concluded the congregational meeting.

Click on links below for financial reports.

LUCC Budget 2017 Inc & Exp as of 1-27-17.xls
LUCC Budget 2017 Desig & Assets as of 1-27-17.xls

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