Advent Devotion 12.4.17 Seeking Comfort

A look at the ads assaulting us each day indicates that we are a people seeking comfort. We look for shoes that are comfortable. We want a car that offers the comfort of a smooth ride. We like comfortable clothes. We are lured to the comfort of a sleep perfect mattress promising a good night’s rest.

But whatever the mattress and the comfort promised, we may find that we don’t sleep well when we are worried about our finances, about our loved one who has an addiction, about war with North Korea, about the impending environmental collapse. Maybe what we find is that we are tossing and turning on that comfortable mattress.

Comfort is about more than just making the body feel good. “Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God” declares the prophet Isaiah. This comfort is about the spirit as well as the body. It is a comprehensive comfort.

In this season as we explore the theme “Be born in us today” we’re talking about the love and light of God possessing our lives so that we have true comfort in our trust in God. This is so much more than the mere bodily comforts promised by advertisements. It is all well and good to feel bodily comfort but with God so much more is promised. Comfort for the spirit is offered as well. The comprehensive comfort of God, comfort for all aspects of our lives and our being, is a true gift offered to us in this present moment.

May we take the time to wonder about our need for comfort and turn our hearts to the Love that offers comfort. It is that Love that is seeking to be born in us.

May we seek the comprehensive comfort of Divine Love this Advent season. As that Love is born in us, may we offer comfort to others. Amen.

One thought on “Advent Devotion 12.4.17 Seeking Comfort”

  1. Condos, college campuses, and comfort are all themes that define my life at this time. I live in a condo that is locked inside an electronic gate and controlled by an association wrapped with rules that are often broken. I worked on a dog friendly college campus where administration continues to face conflict over the interpretation of ESAs and service dogs. And I confess that 4 years ago I drove to Odessa to buy a dog I saw online I had no money so I actually put her on my Discover card. I was desperate for comfort!

    Emma is defined as a designer dog. To me, she became my rescue dog, a comfort from a few years of significant losses. In fact, if I had had a red pick up truck at the time, I would have had a very sad version of a country music song. I was deeply lost, lonely, and did not have a church home. I did, however, have a deep faith and in my heart knew that god was with me and that a new light would soon light my path. I soon found that light shining brightly over LUCC as I drove by one Saturday night.

    Sunday morning I drove back to LUCC where a kind person greeted me and opened the door to the church. Immediately, I was welcomed into a new family that radiated warmth and also offered comfort and hope. Yes, I had found a new path where I could follow Jesus, find comfort and healing, and also find a way to share that comfort with others. Wow!

    As I read pastor Kim’s prayer last night: “May we be grateful for pets and animals that give us comfort and joy.  May we remember that we are animals, too, not only with the capacity to be “comfort” animals, but also with the capacity to reduce distress in the world.  Amen,” I found myself grateful that through LUCC I have been able to find comfort, to dedicate my life to serve in ways that bring love and comfort to those I meet. Furthermore, I found myself grateful that not only was I able to pay off my discover card, but that through the PUPs ( Pets Uplifting People) organization, Emma (now a registered pet therapy dog ) and I are able to visit healthcare facilities and share our love with those who seek comfort. To me, this is a ministry that responds to our culture that is in many ways disconnected from a community of love and support for a variety of reasons.

    As I close my Advent reflection this week, I pray I can keep pastor Kim’s prayer in my heart as I continue my journey that has taken me through condo living, college campuses, and the understanding of comfort.

    Thank you for giving this safe space to share personal thoughts and reflections to this week’s Advent devotion.

    Peace and love, Patti


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