New Interpreter’s Bible Dedication

The New Interpreter’s Bible is a set of Biblical reference volumes that provide critically sound scholarship about all the books of the Bible including every chapter and verse.  Many scholars from around the world have contributed to this important tool for learning and study.  For each section of Biblical text there are explanatory notes about the setting of the text, the details, and the intended function.  There is also a section with suggested themes for preaching and teaching.
Ever since this reference work was published in 2003, Rev. Wells has gone to the main library in St. Petersburg almost every week to read about the lectionary passage in preparation for preaching each Sunday.  The volumes were well used.  Often one or more was off the shelf in the reference room.  Other clergy in the LUCC congregation also used this reference resource in the library.
 Over the years, the 12 volume set has been moved to different locations in the reference room of the main library.  So, Kim was not surprised to look for it on the shelf and find it wasn’t there.  She figured it had been moved since she used it a couple of weeks before.  She asked at the desk.  After some conversation and the involvement of the head of the reference room, Rev. Wells was stunned to learn that the whole 12 volume set had been thrown out.  Put into the recycle bin.  And was gone.  Period.  She was shocked and speechless which doesn’t happen often!
 Kim contacted Lucille Ruga from the LUCC congregation to discuss the situation.  Lucille is a long time volunteer in the public library system.  Lucille, too, was surprised at this news.
 In response, Lucille spearheaded an initiative to buy a set of the New Interpreter’s Bible for Lakewood UCC.  With donations from several LUCC members, the books were purchased and on Sunday Sept. 24, the books were dedicated during morning worship with a rousing affirmation that LUCC is a church of HEAD and HEART.
 The books are available in the church library for use by the congregation.  Several people in the church have already been using them and Rev. Wells uses them each week.
 Many thanks to Lucille and the others who made this gift possible.

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