Sharing the Harvest Devotion 11.6.18

Election Day

It’s Election Day.  Finally!  There’s been quite a lead up to this election.  Ads.  Mailers.  Robo calls.  Yard signs.  Emails.  Texts.  Social media posts.  Radio, TV, and print media coverage.  And it’s finally here – the day of the midterm elections in the United States.  

In the Gratitude Journal provided by the church for this season of preparation for The BIG Event, there is a prompt:  Something I appreciate about living in the United States. . . There are so many things to be grateful for but today, I am thinking about how thankful I am that we have a say so in who our leaders are.  We have the right to vote for our leaders and those who will govern.  And that right was hard won for African Americans and for women.  People were willing to give their lives to get the vote because voting matters.  In the current news there are many stories about voter suppression and gerrymandering.  Why bother to restrict voters or to manipulate district lines if it didn’t matter?  Voting makes a difference.

And here in Florida, voting is not just about who gets elected to govern, but we also vote on amendments to the state constitution.  This gives us the power to directly influence the laws of our state.  Think of it.  With our vote.  In those few minutes filling out a ballot, we have the power to give 1.4 million people in Florida who have paid their debt to society the right to vote and have a constructive impact on their community and their country.  [Vote yes on Amendment 4]  We have the power to stop any further off-shore drilling on the coasts of Florida and to stop fracking in Florida.  [Amendment 9]  

I am grateful that we have the power to influence the life of our communities and our country by voting.  I am thankful that voting gives us a voice in the affairs of our land.  

I am also thankful that the election will be over today.  Whoever wins, whoever loses, there will still be work to do to ensure that there is “liberty and justice for all” in these great United States of America.   

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thessalonians 5:16    

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