Weekly Update

Many of you receive a weekly email from the church called the Weekly Update. In the past, this has included a lot of information about the church as well as community events. Starting in 2019, the Weekly Update will primarily feature information about the church, church family, and activities that church members are involved in. Community events and other initiatives will be posted on the church website and at the church Facebook page. If there is something you would like included in the Weekly Update, please notify the church before Wednesday as the Weekly Update typically is sent out on Wednesday.

This Sunday: is Epiphany.  The service will be celebration of light and following the light of Jesus.  New members will be received and it is a communion Sunday. Many thanks to Sally Purvis and Colleen Coughenour for ushering and to Chip Cosper for serving as liturgist!

New Members: Sunday morning Danielle Hintz and Julian Ricciardi will be welcomed back into LUCC membership. Their presence is a blessing!

Communion: 6 January is a communion Sunday. All are welcome to participate, children at the discretion of the adults who bring them. The communion offering goes to the Special Needs Fund which is used to help people in our community and the congregation with basic necessities such as food, rent, utilities, and prescription medication costs. Thanks to Janet Blair for preparing communion and to George & Jane Diven, Sally Purvis and Chip Cosper for serving communion!

LUCC Concert Series: celebrating Old Time, Blues, Blue Grass, Folk & Country music. All concerts begin at 7pm. There is a $20 suggested donation for the band, doors open at 6:30pm. See the website or LUCC Facebook page for more information.

Friday, January 11 – The Stillhouse Shakers
Thursday, January 24 – Vaden Landers Band
Friday, February 15 – The Wandering Hours
Friday, March 22 – Randy Wilson and Gabe Dansereau 

Jesus Seminar in Sarasota: On Friday and Saturday, February 8-9, the First Congregational UCC of Sarasota will host the Jesus Seminar on the Road. Celene Lillie and Natalie Renee Perkins (both Union Theological Seminary graduates) will introduce the Gospel of Mary and Thunder: Perfect Mind in their ancient context as well as in creative, modern expressions. Register online at westarinstitute.org or by calling (651) 200-2372. Rev. Wells will attend and can provide transportation.

Climate change FLICAN event: “Climate Impact & Environmental Inequity: Towards Justice for All” will be held Friday & Saturday, February 1 & 2, at the Callahan Center in Orlando. Rev. Wells plans to attend and can provide transportation.  

Youth Moment: Most Sundays in 2019 there will be a Youth Moment in the service.  This will be a message specifically oriented to younger people.  Word has it that the grown ups have been missing “Children’s Time” so this is a new initiative in 2019 to include all those who are youth as well as those who are young at heart!

Theological Orientation Discussions: Following up on conversations about the mission statement of the church, in 2019 the Advisors will be offering a bi-weekly discussion group about theological orientation. The sessions will alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday nights. There will be a topic for each session and opportunity for discussion and learning from one another. The series will be coordinated by Rev. Wells and Patti Cooksey. Stay tuned for more details!

Extra Mile Giving: The church has reached its extra mile giving goal of $13,500! Thanks to all who donated.

January Birthdays: Happy birthday to Martha Lamar (1/2); Elinor Ross (1/4); Chip Cosper (1/7); Jackson Cosper (1/9); and Hilton Kean Jones (1/23). Someone missing? Contact the church office with birthday information.

Circle of Concern: Roger Goodson, Carolyn Moore, Ann Quinn, Willy Zessoules, Ann Rogers, Jen DeGroot and Yvonne Riesen.

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