Weekly Update 4/30


This Sunday, as every Sunday, Rev. Kim Wells will be at church from 10:30-11:30.  The peace candle is lit, there is quiet music composed and performed and recorded by Music Director Hilton Jones.  Usually 2-4 people are there.  After a time of quiet, concerns are shared and prayers are said.  This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, so it was requested that communion be available at the church on Sunday morning.  This will be done in the most health conscious way possible given the circumstances.  Please know that you are welcome to drop in and receive communion between 10:30 and 11:30 on Sunday.  Social distancing will be maintained.  Masks encouraged.

Communion Sunday 

The first Sunday of the month is a Communion Sunday.  That means the communion offering will be received.  This offering is used to help people in the church and the community with basic needs such as rent and utility assistance, bus passes, prescriptions, etc.  There has been heavy need for these funds in recent weeks.  Please consider how you can help the community through this offering. Communion will be offered Sunday and this is also an opportunity to make a contribution to the Communion Offering.  These funds are helping people in the congregation and in the community with basic needs in this especially difficult time.  Your donations are making a difference.

Financial Ministry 

This is also a reminder to continue your giving to the church.  While there is no service on Sunday morning, the ministry of the church is continuing and even expanding.  The accessing of materials on the church website and social media has increased during these corona days.  Much of the staff is still in place and finding new ways to serve.  

In addition, the grass still needs to be mowed, the buildings are still being maintained, there is still light usage that requires electricity and water.  Insurance still needs to be paid.  The phone and the internet are still on.  All of this means that there are still bills that need to be paid.  

In conjunction with this situation, the church is not being used by the regular renters at this time, so there is no rental income coming in.  

In addition to regular giving, please consider making an extra offering in this time when the spiritual support, social outreach, and message of hope that are being provided by the church are so important.  One person from the church family has donated a stimulus check.  Many thanks for that inspiration!

One last note:  Deposits at church are being made once or twice a month, not weekly, so there may be a delay in the depositing of checks.  This is to reduce risk for those who are involved in doing the banking.

Pictures of Mothers and More

Music Director Hilton Jones would like to prepare another music video featuring pictures of mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, and those who have been mothering figures.  The LUCC family is invited to submit pictures electronically to hilton.kean.jones@gmail.com.  Pictures are needed by Sunday May 3.  Many thanks for your assistance with this project.

Permaculture Training at Church

While the church is basically closed down, this weekend, the permaculture training class will meet in the Fellowship Hall.  There are fewer than 10 people, they will stay 6 feet apart, and they will sanitize and disinfect.  So if you see cars at church, that is the event that is going on this weekend.

Father Adrian 

During our Christmas celebrations 30 years ago, LUCC had a special guest in our midst from St. Petersburg, Russia.  Father Adrian was the main priest from the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Job, a church that was paired with LUCC in a program that was promoting peace and friendship.  He stayed with members of the church, participated in church activities, became acquainted with life in America, and was interviewed by the local newspapers and TV stations.  He also welcomed groups from St. Petersburg (an Eckerd College student group in 1989; a visit by our pastor, Phil Smith, in 1990; a city delegation in 1991; and a UCC delegation in 1993 headed by Kim Wells) to his Church of St. Job in St. Petersburg, Russia.  He was a man of faith, compassion, and humor, and an excellent example of a cultural ambassador for the Russian Orthodox Church.

It is with sadness that I report that Father Adrian passed away on October 8, 2019, at the age of 82.  Kay and I had visited with him in 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and he was already semi-retired because of poor health.  He remembered well his trip to Florida, and recalled meeting many of our LUCC people, both in Florida and in Russia.   Вечная Память!  Eternal Memory!                                    Bill Parsons

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Corona Sabbath Posts

Each Friday, the church will post a devotional with readings, video from Kim, and music from
Hilton. You are invited to access these at the website and observe the sabbath according to
your schedule over the weekend. There will be a new one posted each week. This week’s post will highlight the Earth Day.

Please use the link below to view last week’s Corona Sabbath Post –

In addition to the weekly Corona Sabbath devotions on the website every Friday, Hilton is also posting music, mainly hymns, on the website daily. These are also posted on the church’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. You may find links to all the music posts on the website at https://lakewooducc.org/category/posts/music/ — note the “Older Posts” button down the page.

Daily Corona Prayer



In an effort to stay connected as a congregation, a text version of the Corona Sabbath posts is being sent in the mail to those in the church family that are not regular users of the Internet.  The church is also sending a paper version of the Weekly Update to those who may appreciate keeping in touch that way.   Additional Zoom gatherings are also being planned. 

Labyrinth Walks

Labyrinth Walks are being held as scheduled on Wednesday mornings at 9:00.  We feel given current information and restrictions that it is safe to hold this activity. It involves less than 10 people, it is outside, and the people can be at least 6 feet apart. Bring your own chair and wear a mask if you wish.

Subscribe to Website

This would be a good time to subscribe to the church website. As a subscriber, everything that is posted on the website will be sent to your email.

There’s now a new way to subscribe to posts from the church website by email. On any page of the website, look down the page for “Follow Blog via Email.” If you subscribed before, you’ll need to subscribe again with this new button. Notice, it’s right above the Paypal “Donate” button! 

If you would like assistance with this, please contact the Church Office.

Help Offered

Several people from the congregation have offered to help others as needed. If you need
something from the grocery store or help with an errand or some other kind of assistance,
please contact the Church Office. There are those who are ready and willing.

Music Ministry

About Hilton’s music. . . If you would enjoy hearing Hilton play more Irish folk songs, you can
listen for free at either https://hiltonjones.bandcamp.com/album/irish-
tunes or https://soundcloud.com/hilton-kean-jones/sets/irish-tunes .

May Birthdays: Mark Gibson 5/2, Angela Wells-Bean 5/7, Emily Gibson 5/8, Julian Micheal Ricciardi 5/9, Colleen Coughenour 5/11, Jen DeGroot 5/12, Christy Martin 5/15, Bill Parsons 5/16, Danielle Hintz 5/25, Someone missing? Contact the church office with birthday information.

Circle of Concern: JoAnn Reid, Dee Dee and Lynn Young and family, William Owen, Wilbur Reid, Martha Lamar, Jen Degroot, Carolyn Moore, Ann Quinn, Maggie Brizendine, and Ann Rogers. All healthcare workers and essential workers. All those suffering from COVID-19.

Please keep LUCC member, Olivia Gibson, in your prayers. She is a nurse on a COVID-19 unit in a local hospital. We are grateful for her ministry!

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Weekly Update: If you are involved with an activity or event that you would like to share with the LUCC family, please send the information to the Church Office by Tuesday since the Update usually is sent out on Wednesday.

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