Help Florida Farmworkers Fight COVID-19

The Pinellas Coalition for Immigration Justice, of which Lakewood UCC is a member, is asking all participating organizations to make direct appeals to Gov. DeSantis to better protect farmworkers in Immokalee during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The United Church of Christ has already signed a national petition requesting Florida’s aid for the Immokalee farmworkers.  However, little has been done.  The Governor has sent some tests to the area but much more is needed to protect the workers and to provide health care, especially at this time.

Just as LUCC has written many post cards and letters to ask our legislators for humane immigration laws and treatment, we are being asked now to take action to support the migrant farmworkers in any or all of 3 ways.  

Please let Sue Sherwood ( know of whatever action you take so that we can give a tally of Lakewood’s action steps to the Pinellas Coalition.  Thank you for your lived faith! 

And, LUCC, thank you and be well!


Sue Sherwood 

                                                                          ACTION STEPS

1) Sign and share this petition:  (You may choose the option to share the post on FB or other media.)

2) Call Governor DeSantis at 850-488-7146, using the script below.

3)  If the Governor’s line is busy, you may email him at, using the script.

      Hello, my name is _____.  I live in ______ (city or zip code).  I am calling because I am deeply concerned about the farmworker community in Immokalee, FL.  The combination of crowded living and working conditions for these “essential workers” – with virtually no access to healthcare – is putting the lives of those who feed us at risk.  

      I urge you, Governor, to take immediate action to protect our Florida farmworkers’ health and safety: 

           1) Build a temporary field hospital in Immokalee where people who test positive for COVID-19 can isolate and be treated.

           2) Provide personal protection equipment (PPE) – especially masks – and sanitization materials to farmworkers traveling to and from the fields.  

           3) Provide accessible COVID-19 tests for free in Immokalee, when they become available.

           4) Allocate public funds for economic support for farmworkers.

Governor, please let me know your position on this troubling issue and your plans for providing urgently-needed medical resources for the Immokalee community. Thank you and be well.                     

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