50 Things to Love about Lakewood United Church of Christ

Pentecost is a celebration of the beginning of the church.  During the Zoom gathering for Pentecost on Sunday May 31, the congregation generated a list of 50 Things to Love about Lakewood United Church of Christ.  Enjoy the list!  Feel free to add to it!  There is so much to LOVE about LUCC!

Hilton and the music
Acceptance of all people
Extravagant welcome
Embracing all people
Embracing family
Social justice
Sense of community
Reaching out
Lack of hard ideology
Non judgmental
Acceptance of all viewpoints of the Christian faith
Encouraging people to speak, participate
Creation justice/love of mother earth
Labyrinth walks
Electrical vehicle charging station
Supporting Maximo Elementary School
Effective use of technology
Kim’s challenging and inspiring sermons
Stewardship of financial and human/personal resources
Involvement in the wider community beyond our circle
Open and Affirming
Compassionate and caring individuals in the congregation/friendship group
Courage to embrace the difficult
Congregation allows themselves to be challenged
Family/kid friendly area in the sanctuary

Cloud of witnesses that precedes us/history/continuity
Annual Harvest list of support and service
The view through the windows of the natural world and light
The branch hanging in the sanctuary
The outdoor artwork, the doors installation
The closing song circle bringing the congregation together
The “Be The Church” Banner
If I didn’t go to LUCC, I wouldn’t go to church/The last stop before you quit going to church

Efforts to include youth and children in a meaningful way
Inclusion of aging folks and the homebound
Lack of pretension in decor; no glitz and glamour
Religious holiday celebrations – meaningful, enjoyable, uplifting
Honoring the Saints Sunday
Opportunities for congregational involvement in the service
Advisors who help lead the church
Fluid structure of the church
The sayings on the church sign outside
Embracing of seasonal friends

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