It’s Back to School the Tipsy-Turvy 2020 Way!

This back to school sign slogan created by Ruth Pettis became the theme of the Sunday and Tuesday LUCC back to school drive-by celebrations for LUCC teachers and students. Dodging the Sunday afternoon rain, thunder and puddles, church members drove across town distributing cards and gift bags packed with school supplies and goodies to students and teachers. The Tuesday drive by was warmed by the sun and the hearts of all who participated. That drive-by ended with Jeff dropping off a back to school gift bag at the church for Gabi. Both drive byes were successful events in extending this LUCC message of love and support: “Your LUCC Family Supports you All the Way!” Thank you to all who
participated in the wonderful celebration, especially the students and teachers who shared their smiles and inspiration with all!

3 thoughts on “It’s Back to School the Tipsy-Turvy 2020 Way!”

  1. Thank you to the Education and Care Teams as well as Ruth Pettis, Colleen Coughenour, and all the elves who supported these events. The personal touches were very kind.
    -Jack and Dana Cosper


  2. Thank you for the visit to the boys! It was so thoughtful and a nice surprise break at the end of the remote school day. Strange days indeed and much appreciated.
    Jena, Marty, Ian and Owen


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