Rally Against Hate. Saturday @5PM

The time for talking about racism is always. The time to act is right now. Our nation, states, counties, and now communities have been rocked by the national events of the last 7 months accelerating the centuries-long call for race equity. The language and actions taken by our political leaders clearly show white dominance as their continued agenda. Our President, the Senate, and our Governor have unabashedly promoted white privilege and dominance. 

We have to actively influence the policymakers to produce antiracist results and practices. Ibram Kendi, author of How to be an Antiracist identifies policies, not people, cause racism. People write those policies and take positions on policies based on their understanding of racism – counteracting racist policies is the cornerstone of being an Antiracist. We are about to elect such policy makers. 

St. Petersburg peaceful demonstrators have consistently and peacefully been taking to the streets for more than 150 nights. They have remained constant reminders of a society out of whack; they seek an end to racist practices with peaceful but tenacious means. The Breonna Taylor Grand Jury results, the debate held with the President and Joe Biden, the continued outbursts from racists, and the challenge of changing systems have all led to this pre-election moment that is centered on race. Antiracists can influence policy by voting, getting others to vote, and standing up as an antiracist. Movement St. Pete and those involved with its evolution need you to stand up with them.

 The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg stands with Movement St. Pete! A movement promoting peace, justice, and equity in our community. A movement to change policies and laws that foster and cultivate systemic and structural racism. 

Racism is our problem; antiracist white people need to stand up and take immediate action. All of us can act – it is time for us to show support to our demonstrators who have led the way – let us stand up with them. What do we mean by Stand Up?

 Here’s an internal message to start: “I identify as an antiracist – I want to work to reverse the racist culture and systems that treat Black and Brown people as less than. I will not be silent about being an antiracist. Silence is compliance.” 

Not everyone can come to the streets – but that is only one form of making yourself knownas an antiracist. 

How can we activate ourselves and each other as antiracists?

Any number of ways:

  • Demonstrate, protest, act – in person, email office holders and candidates, utilize social media to share your antiracist views, call those you know to have influence and share your antiracist stance, write letters to editors of any/all publications. 
  • Show up as an Antiracist this Saturday October 3rd at 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at South Straub Park. A Rally Against Hate | A Vigil for Justice. This is a silent candlelight gathering and short walk. 
  • Stand up in your social circle and say you are an antiracist and you want your friends and colleagues to know. 
  • Stand up where you work and identify as an antiracist. 
  • Stand up in your family. 
  • Stand up with your white friends. 
  • Vote and register other people to vote. 
  • Volunteer for the Census, or to be a poll worker. 
  • Take the Pinellas Race Equity. Now! Pledge. 
  • Explore and learn from anti-racism resources.  
  • Above all – do not be silent! Find pathways to activate your voice and actions. 

The Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg is antiracist and stands in support of Movement St. Pete and all antiracists.

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