Toys Delivered at Maximo

What an amazing, inspiring day Monday was at Maximo Elementary!  The toys that were collected by the Education Ministry Team were delivered to the school.  What began as a request by the Family and Community Liaison, Ms. Jones,  for gifts for thirty children experiencing homelessness grew and grew and grew.  Partnership with the Social Justice Team at Westminster Suncoast and then St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church flourished.  Generosity grew wings.  When the toys were delivered there were four cars overflowing with more than one hundred fifty gifts.  

Ms. Jones, along with the Principal and staff, greeted us with smiles and great appreciation.  Pictures were taken and friendships made.  We left Maximo having received  more than we had given.  Our hearts were bursting with joy.

Thanks to everyone who joined in this undertaking to spread Christmas joy to children and their parents during this very stressful time. May the pictures bring you Hope, Peace, Joy and Love as you imagine the surprise and excitement  of a  precious child receiving your gift.

4 thoughts on “Toys Delivered at Maximo”

  1. Thanks to the LUCC Education Ministry, Social Justice Team at WMSC, and St. Matthews Church for collaborating on this beautiful toy donation to Maximo Elementary School children! A heartwarming reminder of the true meaning of Christmas – the giving of love and joy to others!


  2. A hearty thank you to the Education Ministry team who spearheaded this event. I am so grateful to you for the effort and thoughtfulness you put into this ministry. What a joy for everyone!


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