Corona Sabbath 41 THE BIRTH OF JESUS

These weeks when we cannot gather in person for Sunday worship, Lakewood United Church of Christ is providing brief weekly sabbath programs for you to listen to on your own or with others in your social isolation group.  They will be posted on Friday so that you can schedule your sabbath time to suit your schedule and your spiritual inclinations.  We hope these programs are of spiritual support to you in these difficult times.

The post this week is a follow up to Christmas.

This post includes a scripture reading from Sue Sherwood, a reflection from Rev. Kim Wells and a music video by Hilton Jones.    We hope this post helps to feed your spirit in these difficult times.

You are invited to find a quiet space, inside or outside.  Light a candle.  Take a look around you.   Breathe.  Life-giving breath.   Be present. 

You may begin with this reading –

As the sun illumines not only the heaven and the whole world, shining on both land and sea, but also sends rays through windows and small chinks into the furthest recesses of a house, so the Word, poured out everywhere, behold the smallest actions of our life.

-Clement of Alexandria  c.150-215

When you are ready, start the video below. 

(For written text of the above video click HERE.)

As you listen to the music that follows, which is a virtual performance by the Lakewood Choir of the traditional Christmas song, “Lo How a Rose,” you are invited to notice the thoughts and feelings that arise for you. 

In closing, you are invited to read the poem, The Work of Christmas:

 When the song of the angels is stilled,
 when the star in the sky is gone,
 when the kings and princes are home,
 when the shepherds are back with their flocks,
 the work of Christmas begins:
 to find the lost,
 to heal the broken,
 to feed the hungry,
 to release the prisoner,
 to rebuild the nations,
 to bring peace among the people,
 to make music in the heart.

-- Howard Thurman, 1899-1981

Breathe.  Breathe again.  Be filled.  With grace.   Extinguish your candle and engage whatever may come with a sense of peace and a desire to serve.


The mission of Lakewood United Church of Christ, as part of the Church Universal, is to:

  • Celebrate the presence and power of God in our lives and in our world;
  • Offer the hospitality and inclusive love of Christ to all people;
  • Work for God’s peace and justice throughout creation.


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