Former Florida Chief Justice Gerald Kogan Left Legacy Opposing the Death Penalty

Pastor Kim,

His voice softened and he shook his head.

“It puts the whole thing on me. That’s not good.”

Those are the words of Gerald Kogan, the late Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court as he described the terrible burden the death penalty places on those who are part of the capital punishment process.

Justice Kogan shared his experience with Florida’s death penalty in a new video produced by attorney and filmmaker Ted Corless in coordination with FADP. The video was released earlier this afternoon following a powerful op-ed recently published last Friday in the Orlando Sentinel. Press outlets have already begun picking up the release, including this article from
The first of a planned series, the video also highlights the shocking reality that Florida has proceeded with executions despite serious, lingering doubt about the guilt of the condemned person.

Sadly, Justice Kogan passed away in March, but his mission to end the death penalty lives on. Along with the release of the video, FADP has launched a new petition effort to urge Florida’s state legislature and Governor DeSantis to exclude the seriously mentally ill from execution. The new petition is part of a larger strategy to make our political leaders aware of the significant and growing number of Floridians who oppose such executions.

Please take a moment to sign the petition and then share the link with your networks.
Stay tuned over the coming weeks to hear more about our advocacy plans, including how you can use these tools and more to help end the death penalty.

Thank you for your commitment to justice.

PS: FADP is always working to improve our ability to mobilize quickly, whether to support legislation or oppose an execution. Please watch the Justice Kogan video and then take a moment today to sign our new petition.

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