Weekly Update 1/5

This Sunday, January 9, will be a beautiful celebration of the baptism of Jesus.  The story tells of Jesus baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptizer.  Do you remember your baptism?  Baptism, like the waters of the womb, is about new life and new birth.  This Sunday we’ll remember the call to new life in Christ.  

The service will be in the sanctuary with the doors and windows open.

‘Tis A Gift

The Gift of Music

LUCC Music Director Hilton Jones has recorded 2 CDs for the LUCC family.  One is Christmas Piano featuring favorite songs of this season.  The second is Simply Hymns featuring favorite hymn tunes.  Both CDs are available at the church.  The music is a gift to the congregation.  If you would like to make a donation to offset the production costs, you may.  See the display in the sanctuary.  Enjoy the gift of music from Hilton not just on Sundays but every day!

Holiday Cheer to the Homebound

The Care Team had a beautiful time bringing the church to those who are homebound last Sunday.  Check out the joy! 

Anti Racism Demonstrations

Weekly demonstrations along the sidewalk of 54th Ave. S. Make your own sign or use one of the signs at the church. Demonstrations are held Sundays from 4:30-5. In case of rain, the demonstration will not be held that week.

Know justice, know peace! This is an important way to inspire hope in the community and to work to create an anti-racist society.

Guided Labyrinth Walks

The guided walk is held weekly on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. This provides an opportunity to be aware and deepen your spiritual journey. If it is raining, the walk is held on Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

Also, the readings and prayers used on Wednesdays at the guided walk are put in the mailbox by the labyrinth each week for use during the week.

The labyrinth is on the church grounds near the southwest corner of the church property. It is available for use at all times.

Gifts to McCabe Early Childhood Learning Center

Thanks to the generosity of the LUCC congregation, LUCC member Claudia Rodriguez was able to provide Christmas gifts for students in her class at McCabe Early Childhood Learning Center on 26th Ave. S. The children were delighted.  Many thanks to Patti Cooksey and Emily Bell for assisting with this.  Click here to see this wonderful display of generosity! 

Playground Clean Up

A friendly neighbor of the church volunteered to clean up the church playground.  The weeds and seedlings are gone.  The space is much more conducive to child’s play.  Many thanks to our wonderful neighbor, Anita!

Zack Blair-Andrews Featured in Tampa Bay Times

College senior Zack Blair Andrews contributed to a very timely article in the Tampa Bay Times last Sunday – ‘The Good, the bad and the ugly of Facebook and Twitter.’  It is posted on the bulletin board at church.  Or check it out on line:  https://www.tampabay.com/opinion/2021/12/16/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-of-facebook-and-twitter-column/

Winter Solstice – Seeing in the Dark

Despite the mist and the rain, seven hearty souls gathered to explore the themes of light and darkness on the shortest day/longest night of the year.  One of the things we ‘saw in the dark’ is the need for ‘wintering.’  For time spent in quiet, solitary, reflection.  Quite a contrast to this season which is often the busiest of the year!   The rain drove the group to the sidewalk under the overhang and prevented the labyrinth walk but did not dampen illuminating conversation and wisdom about light and darkness.  By the time the discussion was over, the rain had dissipated and the fire was still burning, so it was time for roasting marshmallows!  See pictures here:  

New Century Hymnals Available

LUCC has been given 60 used New Century Hymnals from a church that no longer needs them.  If you would like a hymnal for home use, you are welcome to have one.   They are available at church on the bookshelf in the main hallway.  Please help yourself! 

Advisors for 2022

Many thanks to Barbara Donohue and Christy Martin for agreeing to serve as advisors for 2022.  They will join Lucille Ruga and Malcolm Wells.  The church is grateful to Patti Cooksey and Jane Diven for their ministry as advisors for the past several years.  LUCC is blessed with wonderful leadership.  Gratitude is expressed to those who will nurture the ministry of the church for the year ahead.  

Operation Attack Update

OA needs donations of cereal/oatmeal, mac and cheese, pasta sauce, peanut butter, canned meat, fruit, soup, and vegetables. Donations may be placed on the shelf in the hallway at church.

Being Covid Safe and In-Person Worship

Please stay home if you are not feeling well.

Please wear a mask while in the church building.  While most people have been vaccinated, this helps visitors to feel safe.  

Additional masks will be available at church to use as needed.

Two hand sanitizing stations are available for use by worshippers.

There is well-ventilated, physically distanced indoor seating in the sanctuary.

Please know that your safety is of primary consideration! 

Safe childcare is provided.


Look for the bulletin posted on the church website on Friday: https://lakewooducc.org/category/bulletins/

Watch the service on Facebook Live Sundays at 10:30. https://www.facebook.com/LakewoodUCC

Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LakewoodUCC/videos

Instructions for how to access Facebook Live: For additional assistance, please contact the church office.

Here are some instructions to watch our Sunday services live through Facebook:

Use the following link to visit our homepage: https://www.facebook.com/LakewoodUCC/

On Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. please use the link above to visit our homepage. There, after using the link, you will see a section labeled “Happening Now”. This is our Livestream of the Sunday Service.

To watch the live stream, locate and click the “watch video” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

If the link above is not working, there is also a link to our Facebook page on our website. Please try that link located on the Home page of our website.


With the cooler temperatures, we will resume opening the doors and windows for morning worship as we continue efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Sunday services are being held at 10:30 a.m. Masks are required. There is physical distancing. Childcare is provided.

You can also join in on Facebook Live at 10:30. Please see the instructions below. 


For the above church website links, please note the “Older Posts” button near the bottom of each page.

You can stream Hilton’s music and videos for free at hiltonkeanjones.com/look-listen/ as well as purchase his CDs and digital albums there.

January Birthdays: Martha Lamar 1/2, Chip Cosper 1/7, Jackson Cosper 1/9, Hilton Kean Jones 1/23, Bob Bell 1/28. Someone missing? Contact the church office with birthday information.

Circle of Concern: 

Christopher and Dana

Carol Shores’ grandson, Ben

Amaiya Washington

Dave Radens

William Owen-Cowan

Jen Degroot

Carolyn Moore

Ann Quinn is now under Hospice care

Maggie Brizendine

Janet Hall

All those suffering from COVID-19 and all healthcare workers

Schools: Students, families, teachers, and staff

Church Office Hours:  Tuesday 9:30-noon Thursday-Friday 9:30-noon. 

Recent Posts:

Weekly Update: If you are involved with an activity or event that you would like to share with the LUCC family, please send the information to the Church Office by Tuesday since the Update usually is sent out on Wednesday.

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