Lenten Devotion 3/5/2022

Lenten Devotion 4

These recent weeks have been an extremely stressful time. Perhaps Lent comes just when it should.

The invasion of Ukraine has the world stunned and the threat of nuclear attack has us all on edge. The UN climate report that came out recently indicates that global warming due to human activity is ahead of schedule and that catastrophic damage appears irreparable. And we are still navigating the covid
pandemic. And having been introduced to this plague situation, we have been advised to expect similar scourges in the future.

Well, the pandemic did not bring the world together. It could have. But it didn’t. And global warming has not brought the world together. It should have. But it hasn’t. But the invasion of Ukraine sure has brought the world together. The unity of the world community in support of Ukraine is unlike anything we have seen in recent decades. It is so uplifting!

Maybe now that the most of the worldwide community of nations and peoples has come together in support of Ukraine, maybe, just maybe, we can learn to work together with more unity on other issues like the pandemic and climate change.

There is a wildness in mercy. I am hoping that from this horrible tragedy, we can learn the power of cooperation instead of competition. And that we can work together to address the other severe threats that affect us all.

Prayer: Think of a country or a people that you have considered an ‘enemy.’ If enemy is too strong a concept, maybe think of a society that you feel you do not have much in common with. Now imagine finding common ground protecting the environment that sustains us all. Imagine coming together to address health concerns so that everyone can be safe and travel freely. This is the world that were created to live in. May we trust the wildness of mercy to get us there. Amen.

Note: After church this Sunday, LUCC member Bill Parsons will lead a discussion about the war in Ukraine. He will give some background information and respond to questions from those gathered. Bill is a retired history professor from Eckerd College. His specialty was Russia/USSR. He was instrumental in establishing the sister city relationship between St. Petersburg, FL and St. Petersburg, Russia. Bill has also fostered many other connections between Florida and Russia including the sister church relationship between LUCC and St. Job’s in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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