Bulletin 3/27/2022


LIGHTING THE PEACE CANDLE                             Sally Purvis, liturgist

Build a house for people and birds. Sit with
them and play music.

For a day, for just one day, talk about that
which disturbs no one

and bring some peace, my friend, into your
beautiful eyes.

Hafiz, c. 1320-1389, adapted

PRELUDE                         My Song Is Love Unknown                   Ireland

*CALL TO WORSHIP                                                          Ann B. Snow

Wherever I may wander,
Wherever I may be,
I’m certain of our Maker’s love;
God’s care is over me.

*HYMN                      There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy                   23


Let us prepare ourselves for the word of God as it comes to us in the reading of Holy Scripture. Our hearts and minds are open.

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

For the word of God in scripture, for the word of God among us, for the word of God within us. Thanks be to God.

CONTEMPORARY READING      Kenneth Bailey quoted by Henri Nouwen

MUSIC                     The King of Love My Shepherd Is              Irish folk

SERMON                        Claiming Our Inheritance         Rev. Kim P. Wells

*UNISON READING                                Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

I will forgive you
The words are so small
But there is a universe hidden in them
When I forgive you
All those cords of resentment pain and sadness that had wrapped
themselves around my heart will be gone
When I forgive you
You will no longer define me
You measured me and assessed me and
decided that you could hurt me
I didn’t count
But I will forgive you
Because I do count
I do matter
I am bigger than the image you have of me
I am stronger
I am more beautiful
And I am infinitely more precious than you thought me
I will forgive you
My forgiveness is not a gift that I am giving to you
When I forgive you
My forgiveness will be a gift that gives itself to me

MUSIC                                  Wondrous Love             Southern Harmony

The mission of Lakewood United Church of Christ, as part of the Church Universal is to:

  • Celebrate the presence and power of God in our lives & in our world.
  • Offer the hospitality and inclusive love of Christ to all people.
  • Work for God’s peace and justice throughout creation.


Morning offerings may be brought forward and placed in the plates on the altar. You are invited to write your prayer requests on the sheets provided in the bulletin and bring them forward and place them in the basket on the altar. If you would like assistance, please turn to someone seated near you.

Offertory             I Will Give My Love an Apple            English folk

*Time of Dedication                                 Joan Chittister, b. 1936

There are families everywhere struggling with their family’s secret poverty, division, alcoholism, abuse and smiling, smiling, smiling on the outside. Open your arms today. Take everyone in. Half the people you see are bearing a secret too big for them to bear alone. Amen.

*PREPARATION FOR PRAYER     Amazing Grace                              547   

MORNING PRAYERS – SAVIOR’S PRAYER                               

Fathering and Mothering God, lover of us all, most holy one.
Help us to respond to you
To create what you want for us here on earth.
Give us today enough for our needs.
Forgive our weak and deliberate offenses,
Just as we must forgive others when they hurt us.
Help us to resist evil and to do what is good.
For we are yours, endowed with your power
to make the world whole. Amen.

* BENEDICTION                                                                       Celtic

Bless to us, O God,
the moon that is above us,
the earth that is beneath us,
the friends who are around us,
your image deep within us.


Weave, weave, weave us together;
Weave us together in unity and love.
Weave, weave, weave us together,
Weave us together, together in love.

*POSTLUDE           What the World Needs Now Is Love             Bacharach

Circle of Concern: Christopher and Dana, Ann Quinn who is under Hospice Care, William Owen-Cowan, Jen Degroot, Carolyn Moore, Maggie Brizendine, Janet Hall, Yoko Nogami walking the Appalachian Trail, All those suffering from COVID-19 and all healthcare workers, Schools: Students, families, teachers, and staff.


Facebook Live The 10:30 a.m. service is being streamed on Facebook Live.

Support for Ukraine To find more ways to support Ukraine please visit our website and look at the Weekly update for 3/18/22.

Toiletries for Celebrate Outreach Celebrate Outreach is a local ministry with people who are living without shelter in St. Petersburg. All are invited to donate the following items: toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, bar soap, wash cloths, deodorant, feminine hygiene items, travel size creams, shampoo, body wash, individual packets of Kleenex, hand wipes, toilet tissue, and paper towels.

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering Lakewood will be collecting this special offering on Palm Sunday, April 10.  There are envelopes at church that can be used or indicate on your check or online donation OGHS.  This is an important way to love our neighbors and our enemies next door and around the world.  

Operation Attack OA needs donations of cereal, peanut butter, canned meat, fruit, vegetables and soup, dried beans, and mac/cheese. Donations may be placed on the shelf in the hallway at church.

Easter Ahead April 17! The wonderful festival of Easter is just a few weeks away. Please note there will be a change in the service schedule.  There will be two identical services at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The congregation is invited to meet and visit out on the lawn between services.  Both services will be streamed on Facebook Live. Please make plans to be a part of this glorious celebration!  Remember – come at 9 or 11.  

Peace March Today at 4:00 p.m. There will be a community march for peace in Ukraine this Sunday, March 27, at 4:00 p.m. beginning at the Dali Museum (One Dali Blvd., Downtown St. Pete). There is free parking available. Many different groups are involved including the Epiphany Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Petersburg. Folks from LUCC, look for the Lakewood banner. Wear church tee shirts if you have one. Please join in this important march for peace. They are being sustained by the support of our community!  Be part of the march today!

For the safety and comfort of all, please wear a mask. Thank you!

Lakewood United Church of Christ 2601 54th Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712
727-867-7961 lakewooducc@gmail.com Lakewooducc.org
On land originally inhabited by the Tocabaga

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