Lenten Devotion 4/9/2022

Devotion Thirty Nine
Saturday 4.9.22

  1. Sleeping
  2. Religion
  3. Watching television
  4. Observing animals
  5. Math

These five things were together on a list. Can you guess what it is a list of? What kind of list would link religion and TV? Or religion and math? Or sleeping and observing animals?

Well, first the article had a list of the 5 Most Boring Jobs. You can make your guesses about what some of those were. Then there was a list of the 5 Most Exciting Jobs. You can make some guesses about that, too. Then there was the list above.

Evidently, according to a study done in England, sleeping, religion, watching television, observing animals, and math are the top five most boring hobbies! Hobbies?

Since when is religion a ‘hobby’? Webster tells us that a hobby is ‘a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.’ Well, whoever worked on this study does not have much understanding of religion, at least not Christianity.

Christianity tells us who we are. And why we are here. Christianity defines us as a species created in the Divine image, holy and sacred, here to love and serve. Christianity gives us our values and our world view. It shows us how to function in the world. It informs how we conduct ourselves in relationships. Christianity forms our identity.

Being Christian, following Jesus, is not ‘outside one’s regular occupation.’ It is our primary occupation. It is our calling. It defines us. And it surely keeps us occupied!

As for boring, following a guy who was sentenced to capital punishment, killed on a cross, and remembered for being resurrected and coming back from the dead, is that boring? Investing your life in the well-being of the world, is that boring? Loving your enemies, is that boring? Forgiving 70 times 7, is that boring? There’s even fishing for people. Surely not as boring as the TV shows ‘The Deadliest Catch’ or ‘Aussie Lobster Men’! Anyone who thinks a life based on following Jesus is boring hasn’t tried following Jesus. They have not experienced the wildness of mercy.

With so many diversions and distractions, may we stay centered on following Jesus. May we be open to the adventures that faith brings. May we invest ourselves deeply in the life of this amazing world loving fully and freely. Amen.

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