Lenten Devotion 4.17.2022

Devotion Forty Seven
Sunday April 17, 2022 Easter

I had an uncle who was a German Lutheran and his adult kids became pentecostal. Uncle Bill would talk about seeing his kids: “Well, when we see them, we spend the first 5-10 minutes with the PTLing.” PTLing? Praise The Lord – ing. Uncle Bill was not a PTLer. A steady, faithful churchgoer, yes. But not a PTLer.

To me on Easter, we are all PTLers. Alleluia! Or Hallelujah! It means Praise the Lord. Finally after these long Lenten weeks of avoiding the banned syllables, we can say it – Hallelujah! We will say it and sing it over and over this Easter Sunday in church. Alleluia! We can finally release our pent up praise, joy, and thanks. Hallelujah!

Because whatever we have been going through, whatever has made our hearts heavy, whatever stresses we are dealing with, whatever griefs sadden us, it is Easter. What seems impossible has become possible. With God all things are possible! Not only will we make it through, but in God all things can be made to work together for good. Alleluia!

So, no restraints on PTLing today. Let your hallelujahs loose!

For love beyond our wildest imaginings, alleluia! Amen.

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