Weekly Update 11.09.22

This Sunday: This Sunday, the scripture lessons invite a celebration of the beloved community. Jesus invites us to invest in justice and to leave a legacy of love. Take a look at Isaiah 65:17-25 and Luke 21:5-19.

Childcare is provided at all Sunday services.

The service will be streamed live on Facebook and then posted on the church’s YouTube channel.

The church continues to be concerned about health and safety. There are several stations with hand sanitizer in the church. Masks are optional. Seating is arranged for safe spacing.

Advisors to Meet

The advisors will be meeting after church on Sunday. Please let one of them know if there is something that you would like them to discuss: Lucille Ruga, Malcolm Wells, Barbara Donohue, Christy Martin. All are welcome at the meeting!

Choir Rehearsals Resume

The staff and lay leaders of LUCC have determined that the time has come for the choir to resume once again adding to the ministry of music in Sunday worship. Rehearsals are held Sunday Morning in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m. All are welcome! For more information, please contact music director Hilton Jones at


Memorial Service for Carolyn Moore

In Memoriam,

LUCC member Carolyn Moore passed away on Friday October 28th. She was under the care of Hospice at Menorah Manor.

There will be a memorial service for beloved Carolyn this Saturday, November 12 at 2:00pm at Lakewood United Church of Christ for whomever would like to attend. All are invted to celebrate the life of dear Carolyn. The service will also be streamed live on Facebook on the church’s Facebook page.

Harvest Forms Available

Each year the church celebrates the abundance of God by tabulating our giving for the year past. This is a wonderful way to give thanks for all we have been given by celebrating all we have given away! You are encouraged to fill out a Harvest Form which asks about your giving of time and money for the year. In addition, there is a space to list the organizations and activities and settings that you have contributed to. You are welcome to estimate your giving! There will not be an audit!

The Harvest report with a summary of the giving of the LUCC congregation provides an occasion for inspiration and celebration! Please fill out a form and return it to the church by Friday November 18.

You can download the form or pick up a copy at church. Return it in paper form, email it, or take a picture and send it to the church email – lakewooucc@gmail.com

Thank you for your help with this important witness to the ministry of LUCC!

Harvest form Link: https://lakewooducc.org/2022/11/02/harvest-form-for-2022/

Election Day

Election Day has passed and now our work continues. As Christians, we know that elections are important for promoting our values of justice and equality and concern for the least of these. But no matter who is elected, we know that we still have work to do. So in the aftermath of these midterm elections, think about what you can be doing to extend the love of Jesus where it is most needed in the world today. May we continue to be agents of change and hope in the spirit of Jesus!

Healing Through the Holidays

The holiday season is just ahead. We had our prologue with Halloween. Now we gear up for Thanksgiving, the Christmas season, and New Years. Whew!

This time of year can be fraught – and not only because we are busy celebrating. It can be a time to remember those who will not be with us this year. It is a time to negotiate difficult family relationships. It is a time requiring us to be with people who may have different values than we do. And it is a time when many of the activities and customs don’t necessarily align with what is good and healthy for us or for the earth. There is a lot to consider and to navigate.

The holiday season can also provide a wonderful opening for healing, for reconciliation, for understanding, and for transformation. In a three part discussion oriented workshop, we will look at some of the stresses and opportunities that may come with the holiday season. We will think about ways that this time of year can be a time of healing and restoration instead of a time of depletion and conflict.

This workshop will be held via Zoom on Tuesdays November 15, November 29, and Dec. 13 from 7-8 p.m. All are welcome! The Zoom number is: 270 068 3648.

Thanksgiving Sunday Ahead – Service outside weather permitting

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 20, the service will focus on giving thanks. As part of the worship experience, the congregation will be involved in creating an altar of gratitude. Please think about what you are thankful for, and bring something that represents that to church on Nov. 20. During the service, there will be an opportunity to mention what you are grateful for and to place the representation on the altar. In the context of a 24 hour bad news cycle, expressing our gratitude is more important than ever! Come to church Nov. 20 ready to give thanks and praise no matter what life is dishing out to you at this moment!

There service will be held outside on the lawn, weather permitting. Please bring a chair if you can.

Giving Season

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become known as Giving Tuesday. Some organizations match gifts on that day. Last year, some church members experimented with donating to the church from the church Facebook page to see if the giving was matched. And, yes, the gifts were matched in part by Facebook. As you consider your expressions of gratitude this season, you may want to consider giving to the church through Facebook so that the church receives additional matching funds.

This year, Facebook is sponsoring a Season of Giving from Nov. 15 – Dec. 31. Here’s more information about Giving Season and matching funds: https://www.facebook.com/help/332488213787105 

For more information please speak with Bill Parsons, Mark Gibson, or Rev. Wells.

Annual Buy Nothing Day

This ‘holiday’ created in Canada in 1992 and now celebrated world wide is a day of protest against consumerism and impact of over consumption on the planet. It is traditionally observed on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Instead of facing hoards of shoppers or sitting at your computer shopping, think about planning a day at the beach or in a park. Think about taking a bike ride or getting together with friends or family to play games or look at vacation pictures. Continue the celebration of Thanksgiving appreciating all that you have without having to go out and buy something new. The values of Buy Nothing Day reflect the teachings of Jesus who, we are told, did not own a home and perhaps owned only a cloak, some sandals, and a shirt. Jesus extolled the virtues of relationships, service, and generosity but not the amassing of possessions. Consider expressing your faith by observing the annual Buy Nothing Day the day after Thanksgiving.

Stewardship Season

In the fall season, the church traditionally invites the congregation to make a financial pledge for the year ahead. And this will be happening in the weeks to come. The Sundays while Rev. Wells was away, the speakers each referred to how much LUCC has meant to them on their faith journey. It was a beautiful revelation of the significance of this congregation! On Thanksgiving Sunday, there will be a celebration of the Harvest of giving by the congregation. Again, a beautiful expression of the impact this church is having on people’s lives and on the world.

The ministry of this congregation is very much needed by the church family and the world. In the face of rising prices and decreased dividends, it is more important than ever to make the church a priority in your financial planning. Please begin to give prayerful consideration to your call to generosity in the year ahead. You will hear from the Stewardship team soon!

The UPS Pods

Yes, the pods on the church property look like they fell off of the truck as it was going down Caesar Way. The church is working on getting the pods moved to the north side of the parking area where they have been in past years.

Sabbatical Speakers Shine

While Rev. Wells was away on sabbatical, different people from the congregation spoke in church each week. Great appreciation has been expressed by the congregation for each speaker and their message. Many thanks to all who offered their spiritual reflections.

All the services were recorded, so if you missed any of the speakers, you can hear them on YouTube. Here are the links. Be blessed! Enjoy!

Date: 9.4.22

Speaker: Barbara Donohue

Link: https://youtu.be/1Mc7lBqE8m8

Date: 9.11.22

Speaker: Claire Stiles

Link: https://youtu.be/gh-q69VpqOw

Date: 9.18.22

Speaker: Mark Gibson

Link: https://youtu.be/y682sW8kmoA

Date: 9/25/22

Speaker: Danielle Hintz

Link: https://youtu.be/ECvUbZeJbyk

Date: 10.02.22

Speaker: Kay Rencken

Link: https://youtu.be/btiOAGxo6kk

Date: 10.09.2022

Speaker: Christy Martin

Link: https://youtu.be/V2F1Nm2t27I

Date: 10.16.22

Speaker: Jim Andrews

Link: https://fb.watch/gyniCpWrdC/

Date: 10.23.22

Speaker: Sherry Santana

Link: https://youtu.be/YXcytrrwIC4

Date: 10.30.22

Speaker: Michelle Cloutier

Link: https://fb.watch/gyniCpWrdC/

Guided Labyrinth Walks Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

Each week there is a guided labyrinth walk on the outdoor labyrinth at the church. It is a time of prayerful faith sharing, and a time to listen more deeply to our spiritual lives.

In case of rain, the walks are held on Thursday morning.

Also, the readings and prayers used each week at the guided walk are put in the mailbox by the labyrinth for use during the week.

The labyrinth is on the church grounds near the southwest corner of the church property. It is available for use at all times.

Toiletries for Celebrate Outreach

Celebrate Outreach is a local ministry with people who are living without shelter in St. Petersburg. An average of 135 people are served each week. LUCC was asked to collect toiletries to be distributed to the community at the meals that are provided on Saturday and Sundays each week. This collection will be ongoing in addition to the food being collected for Operation Attack. All are invited to donate the following items:

Celebration Outreach has an ongoing need for men’s and women’s underwear.
Men sizes 30, 32,34
Women’s sizes 5,6, 7,8.
Also in high demand are socks of all kinds /sizes for both men & women.
Other needed items are Deodorant & disposable razors.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, bar soap, wash cloths, deodorant, feminine hygiene items, travel size creams, shampoo, body wash, individual packets of Kleenex, hand wipes, toilet tissue, and paper towels are always needed as well.

Many thanks to Janet Blair and Jim Andrews for taking the donations to Celebrate Outreach.

Inkjet Recycling

The church is continuing to collect used inkjet cartridges. They are sent to a recycler and the church receives payment for the cartridges provided. So, don’t throw out your cartridges. Bring them to church. Not only do they get recycled but they provide income for the ministry of the church.

Operation Attack Update

OA needs donations of cereal/oatmeal, mac and cheese, pasta sauce, peanut butter, canned meat, fruit, soup, and vegetables. Donations may be placed on the shelf in the hallway at church.


Look for the bulletin posted on the church website on Friday: https://lakewooducc.org/category/bulletins/

Watch the service on Facebook Live Sundays at 10:30. https://www.facebook.com/LakewoodUCC

Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LakewoodUCC/videos

Instructions for how to access Facebook Live: For additional assistance, please contact the church office.

Here are some instructions to watch our Sunday services live through Facebook:

Use the following link to visit our homepage: https://www.facebook.com/LakewoodUCC/

On Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. please use the link above to visit our homepage. There, after using the link, you will see a section labeled “Happening Now”. This is our Livestream of the Sunday Service.

To watch the live stream, locate and click the “watch video” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

If the link above is not working, there is also a link to our Facebook page on our website. Please try that link located on the Home page of our website.


For the above church website links, please note the “Older Posts” button near the bottom of each page.

You can stream Hilton’s music and videos for free at hiltonkeanjones.com/look-listen/ as well as purchase his CDs and digital albums there.

November Birthdays

11/9- Lucille Ruga

11/15- Emily Bell

Rev. Susan Sherwood

11/21- Edward Kaspar

Lorne Palmer

11/22- Bert Lee

11/23- Bill Lindsay

Wally Leblanc

11/27- Kai’Lyn Washington

11/29- Jane Divens

Circle of Concern

Barbara Donohue

Erik Johnson

Colombian Family

William Owen-Cowan

Family and Loved ones of Carolyn Moore

Ann Quinn is under Hospice care

Maggie Brizendine

Janet Hall

Tony Larson

All those suffering from COVID-19 and all healthcare workers

Schools: Students, families, teachers, and staff.

Weekly Update

If you are involved with an activity or event that you would like to share with the LUCC family, please send the information to the Church Office by Wednesday. Please provide the information in paragraph form with pertinent details and links. THANK YOU!


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