Dec. 16, 2022

Last night we wanted to watch something streamed from a laptop to the TV.  Ok.  There is a cord for that.  But it didn’t work with the laptop.  And we have another little cord.  But that wouldn’t fit.  Recently my son got some new kind of plug that puts the phone into the TV.  But that wouldn’t accommodate the ports on the laptop.  Then I thought of a device that my daughter got for me.  It is some kind of adaptor.  She told me I would need it to access other devices using the ports on my laptop.  So, this little gizmo stays in my briefcase, waiting for that all important moment when it is needed.  Well, last night, I said, “I might have something that will do this.”  You probably already know that I about the most unlikely person to have some kind of obscure techie paraphernalia.  But, my little plug worked and we got to watch my sister-in-law deliver a sermon in her church about her work with a nonprofit in Africa.  

Everyone in my family was surprised that I had the device to resolve the situation and solve the plug in problem.  And to me, that is how it is with Christ.  It’s often a surprise.  We aren’t even looking for it.  It was not expected.  And then there it is.  An embodiment of love and grace that we simply did not see coming.  

So, as you live by your to-do lists and your calendar and Alexa this time of year especially, keep your eyes open and your heart, too, for the coming of Christ.  In an unexpected way.  

Like the unexpected way a baby born in a little obscure village to ordinary people changed the world.  Our world.  Our lives.  Even two thousand years later.  


May we be open to the unexpected ways that Christ comes to us.  May we be on the lookout for the surprising ways of Divine Love;  eager to meet Christ, in others, and even in ourselves.  Amen.

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