Greetings from the New Director of Family Promise Pinellas

Dear Community Members,

I bring to you greetings today. I’m so excited about the great things that are happening at FPPC, beginning with our beautiful Day Center that has been so freshly painted on the inside by a wonderful group by the name of NOMADS, who so freely gave their time and talent to us… also donations from: computers, copiers, desks, cabinets, office supplies and so much more. It’s just so awesome!!!

As we move forward, I will do whatever it is possible to continue the success of FPPC. I feel that we all have a great support network in each group which keeps this all afloat and it will only get stronger as we continue to work together as a Family and I’m truly honored to be apart of the family.

I would like to give honor to our Beautiful Board of Directors who has been extremely instrumental in anchoring to bring FPPC into fruition. Lastly, but certainly not least because I know this could not at all be possible without the gracious yet faithful to the call and fully committed FPPC Volunteers and Coordinators. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet all of you. Please feel free to contact me anytime.




Sonya Flores
Executive Director
Family Promise of Pinellas County

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