Devotion 10 – Lent 2015

There are probably as many images for God as there are people if not more! But one of the ways that we often image God is as Creator. We associate God with Creation: With being responsible for the fact that there is something and not nothing. Most of us image God in some way associated with Creation.

The Bible is full of references to God as Creator. God is not only the initiator of Creation in the Bible but God is evidenced throughout Creation. Creation is God’s self-disclosure. God is the imagination behind all that is and God is in it all. While there may be many differences and divergences in our ways of thinking of God, there is common ground is associating God with Creation.

When we think of God and Creation, we are thinking of all of Creation. We don’t think God is maker of the sea but not the land. We don’t think about God self disclosing in insects but not in any other life form. We connect God with all of Creation. As the children’s hymn reminds us, “All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small; all things wise and wonderful, our dear God made them all.” All. All. All. All. Not some.

In the ministry of Jesus we see this same devotion to all. Jesus heals all. Jesus feeds all. Jesus forgives all. Jesus loves all. All people. All life. All. Not some.

This week, again, Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, was harassed for her concern about income inequality. For one thing, as a person with a major responsibility for the economy, she should be concerned about all things economic. As a government employee, she should be concerned with the condition of the country. And historians and economists remind us that income inequality is an indicator of the overall health of a society. The greater the income inequality, the greater the instability. Since she is head of the Federal Reserve, this should concern Janet Yellen.

But perhaps even more importantly, Janet Yellen is a public servant. People who work in the government are public servants. Their job is to serve the public. All of the public. Yellen is paid to serve the entire population of the US in the best way that she can. She should be expected to be concerned about each and every billionaire and each and every homeless person and everyone in between because she is charged with serving the entire public of the vast USA. That’s what it means to be a public servant.

So often we restrict our views to our circumstances, our group, our concerns, our perspective, our needs. Yet we are created in the image of the Divine. Therefore, it is in our nature to be concerned about the whole: To care about all of Creation and all of life, not just our own small circle in interests.

Lent is reminiscent of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. For him, that was a time of solidifying his devotion to the whole of creation. May this Lenten season be just such a time for us as well.

Lectionary Readings for the day:
Psalm 22: 23-31
Genesis 16:1-6
Romans 4:1-12

Prayer: This Lenten season, may we cultivate devotion to all of Creation. Amen.

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