Lent 2016 – Devotion Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

A needed reminder of our mortality. Of the fleetingness of this life.

So fragile. So short. So precious.

To be cherished. Savored. Appreciated.

Lent is a time to recalibrate our perspective. It is a time to zoom in on that which is of God. It is a time to zoom out and see the big picture.

And it is a time to chip away at the obstacles, the busy-ness, the anxiety, and the fear that prevent us from seeing the beauty of our lives, of God and of Creation.

Lent. We are lent these 40 days each year. Holy days as all days are holy. To look more deeply and see.

Will you give something up? Will that remind you of all you still have? Will it make you more conscious of your spiritual journey? Will you take something on? Something that will bring you closer to God? Something that will bring you closer to the way of Jesus? Will you observe a special spiritual practice for Lent? Read a Psalm a day and look for the word that is being spoken to you from those ancient words? Will you read the daily devotions at the church website? Will you observe a time of silence each day and see what happens?

Choose carefully for your Lenten discipline will change your life!

In surprising ways.

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