Devotion 14 – Lent 2016

“In the morning his [Pharaoh’s] spirit was troubled, so he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was no one who could interpret them to Pharaoh.” Genesis 41:8

Pharaoh is troubled by his dreams. He is so unsettled that he persists in all he can do to get clarity and understanding. He does not relent in this quest to comprehend the dreams he has had.

We might think of a Pharaoh like a king or a president. Days filled with many important matters: Affairs of state, foreign dignitaries, domestic issues, grain production, holiday and festival observances, giving of awards, and on and on and on.

Someone so busy and important and powerful could easily ignore a dream or two. Indigestion, maybe. A change in the weather. But, no, Pharaoh is relentless in pursuing the meaning of this spiritual experience. It is as if he puts the Empire on hold while he seeks answers to his spiritual unrest. This matter of these dreams is so important to him that he cannot let it go. He cannot ignore what is going on.

We, too, can live busy, distracted lives, even if we don’t have the power and authority of a world leader. In today’s world, much of our value is judged by our busy-ness. If we are busy, then we must be important, with so much to do. We must be needed. Counted on. Making a difference. But with all this busy-ness, we can easily be distracted from our spiritual lives. We can easily ignore what is going on in our souls.

We can see the possibility for this temptation in the life of Jesus. So many people to feed, heal, and teach. So many demons to cast out. So much ground to cover. A schedule to keep up. Expectations rising, work increasing. And yet we are told repeatedly in the gospels of Jesus going off to a quiet place, praying, investing his time and energy in his spiritual life. That’s what keeps him centered and grounded. That’s where his spiritual and moral power and energy proceed from. The time in silence and prayer. Reflecting. Listening.

There are so many ways we can go astray in this life and this world. And the options are increasing with increased communication. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with busyness. Things to do. People to see. Shopping to take care of. Upkeep and maintenance of our possessions which exceed those of any generation before us. It’s easy to get swamped and ignore or forget about the importance of soul work. Of paying attention. Of seeking. Of living from our center of Divine Love.

May we seek rest for our troubled souls. May we take the time and make the effort to find our center, our energy, our purpose, our passion in the God of Jesus Christ. Then our joy will be ever full! Amen.

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