REAPING THE HARVEST 2016

As part of the celebration of abundance this fall season, you are invited to fill out this form and bring it/send it/email it back to the church by Sunday, October 16th.   The information will be compiled and reported back at The Big Event in November. The information will not be audited, round figures are fine. This is a way to celebrate the full ministry of this congregation in its many forms including, but not limited to, service within the church. The ministry of the church extends into society through our service and generosity 7 days a week, not just Sunday!!!

Annual number of volunteer hours__________
(Include whatever you consider volunteer time: volunteering for an organization, helping at an event, serving in the church, helping a neighbor, coaching a sports team, advocacy, working on a political campaign, providing childcare; whatever you consider volunteer service. )

Annual amount of charitable giving ___________
(Include whatever you consider charitable giving. Consider your giving to organizations, institutions, schools, foundations, political campaigns, church, etc.)

Organizations/Institutions/Programs/People that you support with your time and/or money: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Your name (optional) _________________________________________________

Thank you for participating in this harvest of the ministry of Lakewood United Church of Christ!!!

One thought on “REAPING THE HARVEST FORM 2016”

  1. Yom Kippur. In Judaism this is the season of taking stock of how an individual has lived life over the past year. There is a moral obligation to establish justice in the world by being righteous, upright, compassionate and helping fellow human beings. There is a moral and religious obligation to act generously and justly. Tzedakah.
    I never feel that I have given enough time or spent enough of my funds to fulfill a fair share and justify the special life I have been able to live. I wish I could. But circumstances are always changing and, with that, the resources of time and goods. It is a New Year now and the rebalancing begins again.


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