Advent Devotion Three 11.29.16

untitledLast year about this time my husband and I were visiting some friends when the wife brought out a small lighting device with a cord. She was very excited about this new Christmas light decoration that she had just gotten. She explained it to us with great enthusiasm. Then she plugged in the fixture and turned it on and there were some colored spots to be seen but it really wasn’t very impressive. Well, we were sitting outside on the patio in broad daylight after all.

But evidently this wouldn’t do. We had to get the full effect. So, we were ushered into the house, and after a bit of discussion between the husband and wife, the four of us squeezed into a small closet and the door was closed. It’s good none of us suffers from claustrophobia! Then, inside the dark closet, the light was turned on. Well, wasn’t that a show! The countless spots and the changing color of this laser light device was truly impressive. It was very much worth being crammed into a closet to see! I could see why our friend was so excited about this new addition to their Christmas decor.

The lights of Christmas do truly bring joy, at least to some of us! And, of course, they are most impressive at night, when it is dark.

In this season of Advent, we are preparing ourselves to receive Divine light. We are getting ready to celebrate and give thanks for that light. Spiritual guides throughout the ages and across traditions remind us that sometimes we see the light most boldly in the darkness. In the dark times of our lives, we may feel the healing presence of the Divine in a direct and powerful way. In a time of great discouragement or grief, we may look back and see Love’s hand working all things together for good. In a time of deep desperation a door may open, and we see the light ahead and can proceed onward.

Life brings much darkness and heartache. But that must not stop us from looking for the light. That may be when we see it shining most brightly.

Prayer: In these dark days, may I trust that the light of Christ still shines. Amen.

Is there something you would like to write in your Advent journal today about seeing light in dark times?

And don’t forget your donation to The Micah Center to help shine the light for a student in need of support.

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